Remco Beekwilder has flown to the forefront of the scene with his killer sets at Unpolished and Intercell and huge EP’s with Self Reflektion and Monnom Black. After his debut in Hangar we caught up with Remco to have a quick chat about his productions and where he finds inspiration for tracks.

Q) Your career has really blown up in the last few months with your Self Reflektion releases and also your upcoming ‘LSD’ EP on Dax J’s Monnom Black, when you were making these tracks did you ever expect such a big response?

A) I did not think about it for one second, I make music like I always do. Until I’m satisfied with the sound that is, I take no consideration to hype or catchiness. I’m still in shock of the amount of coverage, plays and positive feedback a lot of the tracks get. Fun fact is that I started working on the LSD track over 4 years ago, I never felt a sense of completion until a friend of mine really pushed me to complete the last version I let him hear. I think being critical of your own work sometimes makes you forget how good others might find it. You put a fragile piece of your creativity out there and hope people see it for how it is.

Q) I seen you recently played with stranger at Intercell, how did that go? Have you guys thought of working together on collaboration tracks?

A) It went surprisingly well, spot on actually. We had made arrangements to prepare some tracks in advance and share the track choices before the gig, but sadly there was no time to make the proper arrangements. We ended up improvising like we are both used to, shows that this way of working actually works best for us. Regarding a possible collaboration track together with Stranger: Yes!

Q) Your debut in Ireland’s Hangar, the crowd took extremely well to your track selection, when your playing in different countries do you find you have to change your DJ sets?

A) I try not to change a lot to who I am, keep it close to what I like to do and what matches how I want the crowd to enjoy my performance. To some extent I of course need to tone down/ up my set depending on the venue/concept/ or time table.

Q) With thousands of techno tracks being released every week and new DJs constantly joining the scene, how do you help yourself stand out from the crowd?

A) Well, I actually feel I don’t need to separate my self from other artists. I also don’t hope I will ever get that feeling, I think that would be a major strain on my creativity.

Q) A lot of people these days are claiming that the scene is beginning to come very saturated, do you feel some artists are beginning to become lazy with their work?
A) I don’t think I’m the one to ask this question as I’m not overly committed with following other artists when it comes to their work and sets. Perhaps in music sets this can be a thing, but when it comes to releases, I really don’t hear that when listening to releases or new productions. Music is evolving and trend sensitive. These evolutions could attract or turn me off to a certain artist. In any case, I don’t find artists lazy, I find those evolutions innovative.
Q) When you’re at home or in the studio, what genre of music do you find yourself listening to most?

A) I listen to a lot of Techno oriented music, because I’m always looking for new music. Next to that I listen to a lot of hip-hop, rock, electronica and last but not least radio.

Q) Do you feel like with your alias Remco Beekwilder you have to stay within certain boundaries of techno whilst producing a track?
A) No, ’til this day I have not felt confined to a sound or box when it comes to music productions. I put on my head phones, or fire up the studio speakers and try to lock myself off from the outside world. I try to make music that excites me, give me that special feeling which I feel matches me. That is the reason why I’m releasing under my own name, what better alias than your birthname, right?
Q) Lastly, is there any plans for you to make your debut live set in the near future?
A) It’s something to keep in mind of course, but it does not have a priority for me. I get a lot of energy from working on new releases. If I feel like that I’m not getting that certain fulfillment from playing tracks, it would be a great alternative. I doubt this will be anything for the near horizon, as I feel that I’m just getting started.
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