Seatwave, Ticketmaster’s official ticket resale website, is officially being shut down due to pressure from the new anti-tout law passed in July.

The original purpose of the ticket resale website owned by Ticketmaster since 2014 was to allow fans that missed out on buying tickets for gigs for whatever reason to acquire official tickets to the gig. Since then though, Seatwave has allowed customers to set their own selling price, leading to extortionate prices and genuine fans missing gigs leading to an unfair advantage to those that are essentially wealthier.

The website has come under heavy criticism in the past with many fans heavily complaining about the extortionate prices set by sellers, selling for far more than the original price of the official tickets. Ticketmaster traditionally took 10% of the sale.

In a statement earlier today, Ticketmaster said:

“That’s right, we’ve listened and we hear you: secondary sites just don’t cut it anymore and you’re tired of seeing others snap up tickets just to resell for a profit. All we want is you, the fan, to be able to buy tickets to events you love.”

With the news that Seatwave has now bitten the dust, Ticketmaster has announced a new fan-to-fan ticket exchange platform where you can purchase official tickets for resale at the original price or even below that. This platform is due to kick off early next year.

After the news spread of the new anti-ticket touting law passed by The Cabinet earlier in July, it was thought that the new legislation would ban the resale of tickets for above face value for larger entertainment or sporting events with a capacity of 1000 or more, but now we’re seeing the collapse of Ticketmaster’s Seatwave for good. Hopefully you’ll never miss your favourite act again.


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