British DJ Scuba has announced that he’s taking an extended break from touring for the moment, with a whopper 10 hour set at Berghain that he did recently to reel in his tour ending in a few weeks.

The DJ has said that it’s something he’s needed to do for himself for a while now, and has finally gotten to the point where he can do it, claiming he needs a break from travelling after a massive total of 1500 flights in the last ten years – something that hits home with a lot of touring DJs, affecting physical and mental health and exhausting DJs until breaking points mentally and physically.

The toll that touring takes on musicians, producers, DJs and more is constantly complexly discussed, with some people criticising DJs for cancelling shows, and some people commending their personal strength and bravery to stand up for themselves. We’re all human, after all.

Alas, there is some good news for us though, he’s not entirely quitting. The DJ will be doing regular shows in London, where he lives, and with an exciting upcoming show with Or:la and Saoirse also in Berlin next month.



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