Sam Coates better known under his moniker Setaoc Mass has found his feet through labels like Figure, Work Them Records and his own imprint SK_eleven. After moving to Berlin from Manchester he has found new heights with his productions and DJ sets. You can catch Setaoc Mass this Friday 29 as he plays for Techno & Cans in Hangar.

Q: Cheers for doing this interview Sam, how’s things, how has 2017 been treating you?

A: Yeah so 2017 has been pretty decent so far! Played some really nice shows and rounded up most of my release schedule for the next few months which feels good.

Q: You’ve seemed to settle down at Figure Records, pretty nicely now. How did your first release on Figure come about?

A: Yeah Figure is a form of home for me at the moment, really love working with the people behind the scenes there, and its really great to have an outlet for the experimental stuff I’m often making. The first record was all through my first release on my own label SK_eleven. I sent the promo to Len, and we previously met when my good mate Cleric was in town. He sent me a really nice email back and asked for some more stuff and we eventually came up with the ‘Numb’ EP.

Q: Yourself and Matrixxman have a collab releasing soon, could you tell us a little about that? Is that on your own imprint?
 A: Yeah me and Charlie were pretty deep in my studio for the winter months in Berlin, was such a pleasure to work with him and we had a great connection in the studio there was never a dull moment. The release will be out on Figure soon! I can say for both of us that were really happy with the tracks and the sound, and there will definitely be more tougher, faster, darker stuff coming soon.
Q: SK_eleven has seen some killer releases like ‘Sket’ and ‘Escape From You’. What are your plans for the label, are you going to keep it solely for yourself?

A: Haha thanks, yeah I really enjoyed making them ones. ‘Escape from you’ was really hard to finish because I was so emotionally attached to it. The label will be solely for myself right now, but who knows. I would only invite people who are close to me and respect the ethos I have for the label and techno. I’m also trying to speed up the release schedule for SK_eleven I have so many projects I want to release , so for me running my own label was really a showcase to pick and choose the music I want out there.

Q: You played at Berghain recently with Figure, was that your Berghain debut? How did you find the atmosphere in there?

A: This was actually the 3rd time at Berghain in 2016 ! So this was really a pleasure to do the closing set for 7 hours, Cleric took the first half 1-5 and I was 5-12 mid day on a Monday. Nothing beats this place whether you’re a customer, going for a Sunday afternoon dance, or playing an extended set behind the decks. It’s all so perfectly laid out you know you can rock up and play how you really want to play with no exceptions at all and I’ll be back in a couple of months so I’m already giddy.

Q: Some of your tracks like ‘Solo Part One’ or ‘Numb’ have that hint of gritty analogue synths but are really cleanly produced. When you’re in the studio do you find yourself leaning more towards digital or analogue production?

A: I’m actually mainly working with software, I have a few bits of outboard gear but I’m always so set in my ways of software its just the way I have learned to produce. I love that raw analog sound, so there is a lot of post production in morphing sounds into how I want it be.

Q: You’re playing in Hangar soon with Techno & Cans Dublin, this will be your first time playing in Ireland right?

A: Yep first time in Ireland, but I heard so many great stories, and so many great acts before me have played so I’m guessing it’s going to be a  fun night of techno.

Q: Lastly, after a heavy night out in Manchester, where’s your go to place for a bit of grub?

A: Haha, well I’m actually based in Berlin since 3 years, but the first think I do when I step foot in Manchester is go for a greasy spoon full English, something I can never resist going back to the UK.

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