Techno & Cans and Subject are responsible for some of the best techno shows Dublin has seen over the past few years and their latest offering is sure to go down as one of their best so far.

They have announced a May get together in District 8 that will feature a Soma Records party with the legendary pairing of Slam and Rebekah. Slam last played in Hangar for Techno & Cans and was one of the most energetic nights of the year, so their joint party with Rebekah is going to be off the charts. Soma is fresh off celebrating their 25th year in existence, which they marked with a huge compilation featuring tracks from Robert Hood, Blawan, Adam Beyer, Kobosil, Jonas Kopp and loads more.

Rebekah’s debut album ‘Fear Paralysis’ was released this time last year on Soma and since then she has become one of the most formidable forces in a crowded techno market.

Soma is one of the most influential labels in all of electronic music, most definitely in techno. They’ve released material from some of the genre’s brightest and best in Daft Punk, Clouds, Gary Beck, Tensal, Dax J, Cleric and loads more, and continue to shed light on some of the best up and comers; Charles Fenckler being a recent example.

You can join the Facebook event to see both Slam and Rebekah here, and we advise getting your hands on tickets fast!


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