Limerick promoters Subtech have taken a very unique stance on ticket touting after a number of massive sellout shows have caused chaos among eager fans looking to get a chance to see the likes of Mall Grab, Denis Sulta, Mella Dee, Hammer and KETTAMA.

Via a statement within their Denis Sulta event on Facebook, the promoters announced that they’ll be combating the scourge of ticket touters by refunding any tickets that’re being sold for over 5 euro of the original price, making the tickets useless and unable to be resold. Read the full statement below:

“To combat the touting that has unfortunately surfaced with this event, we have decided to refund any person reported to be selling a ticket for anything higher than €5 above the original cost price, which will render their tickets useless. Touting is something we are strongly against and feel that there’s plenty of you that deserve the tickets more.

Feel free to message us if you do see this happening in the lead-up to the event and we’ll get those tickets refunded and back on sale to someone sound.”

This is a really important step for the promotion to take given the amount of touting that has been going on of late regarding electronic music events and music events as a whole, especially in Ireland.

Hopefully going forward more promotions can implement similar strategies to combat the problem and put an end to one of the most frustrating aspects to clubbing and music events in 2018.

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