One of our most beloved Irish acts, Sunil Sharpe, is compiling six records in celebration of hitting a monumental twenty releases on his Dublin based label ‘Earwiggle’.

Sunil, Ireland’s godfather of Techno, started his label in 2011 and is bringing 24 artists on board across six entries entitled Eel Behaviour. Contributions from artists include I Hate Models, Giant Swan, Body Jack, Imogen and more. The compilations will be touching on electro, techno, acid, industrial, plus a “long-lost hardtrance [track] from 1994,” as stated by the labels announcement today.

Here’s where it gets weird. Each compilation is named after a type of eel: “Conger, Moray, Sniper, Sawtooth, Onejaw and Bobtail”. The first compilation, or Eel Behaviour EP, will drop on October 26. The rest (or some of the remaining few) of the EPs are due to be released between then and early December and the final two are still set to have release dates confirmed.


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