The Irish heatwave is finally due to come to an end, to many peoples dismay, or excitement.

2018’s summer has been an iconic one, with crazy temperatures for our little island just a few weeks after one of the worst snows we’ve had in years. Sun and dance music go together like a techno lad and Nike Air Huarache shoes – but unfortunately its due to come to an end soon.

We got Forbidden Fruit, AVA, Mass, Higher Vision and many more festivals out of the weather, but alas, it’s coming to an end.

The Midlands Weather Channel made a statement earlier on today:

“The latest charts continue to indicate that we will experience a break in the current heatwave conditions on the 15/16th of July. Temperatures will plummet compared to what we have become accustomed to over the past number of weeks. Highest values in many areas will fall by as much as 6-8 degrees Celsius.”

They’ve also mentioned that rain is due to come back with a bang:

“Rainfall also looks set to feature in the weather forecast over the weekend with some rain likely to spread from the northwest by Sunday evening and possibly into Monday. The early days of next week look showery, however details remain unclear due to the time distance in the forecast.”

It looks like Longitude is the last Irish festival of the summer to enjoy the heatwave, however with Circles happening mainly indoor dance music lovers should be covered.

You can catch plenty of dance acts at Longitude this weekend, with CailĂ­n, Boots & Kats, KETTAMA and more all taking to the decks over the weekend.



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