It’s hard to find any sort of Hardcore or Gabber music these days without delving into the deep underground, here at Four Four we’re wondering why such a wonderful culture slowly came to an almost halt.

Here we look at our ten favourite Hardcore and Gabber tracks from the 90s.

DJ Isaac – Bad Dreams
3 Steps Ahead – It’s Delicious
Neophyte – Execute
Bald Terror – Rotterdam
Jiieehaaaa – Diss Reaction
The Speed Freak – The Solution
DJ Shrapnel – Motherfucker
Black Knight – Back To Tha O’ School
Turbulence – six Million Ways To Die
DJ Rob & Smash – Ist Diesen Bassdry Korreckt
If you enjoyed these tracks then we’ve got a party you will be very interested in. On June 17, Pussys Club are teaming up with District Magazine to welcome Gabber Eleganza for an Irish debut at Hangar. Check out the event here.
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