Brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll aka Orbital are key figures in the rise of ‘rave’ culture. First emerging in 1989, they are named after the M25 autobahn. The guys would regularly travel on the Greater London road during the halcyon ‘daze’ of Acid House.

We’re fond of a list and fond of airing our favourites, sometimes you agree, sometimes you don’t, but that’s what makes it all the more special. What is your top 5 favourite Obrital classics?

5. The Girl With The Sun In Her Head

Recorded in a solar powered studio in 1994 as a tribute to a friend of theirs, this track is considered one of the greatest electronic tracks of all time.

4. Lush 3 (Euro Tunnel Disaster ’94) / Walk About (John Peel Sessions)

The most aggressive output from Orbital. An all round perfect release that also feature the likes of CJ Bolland and Underworld. This 14 minute long thumper gives you an insight of how good techno was in the 1990s.

3. Chime

This number has got its place in the electronic music hall of fame. Easily their most successful track, it flooded dance floors in 1989. When it came out, it re-set the compass.

2. Halcyon On and On

Probably the most beautiful track ever made. You can feel the emotion that was put into it. There isn’t much more we need to say, just have a listen for yourself.

The sample is from ‘Opus III – It’s A Fine Day’ ;).

1. Belfast

Not only is this the greatest Orbital track ever made, it could be the greatest track ever made, period. Atmospheric lead, chilled out vocals, shimmering hi hats, there is so many elements to choose from. The duo wrote it after playing the Art College in Belfast with David Holmes. They were on their way to a party in the early hours and the sun was coming up, that was their inspiration.

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