Every weekend after hours of dancing and drinking in nightclubs, we all flock outside in the inner city, looking to fill up on some beautiful take away food.

But sometimes, we are lost for ideas and end up milling a footlong outside Subway on Dame Street and wake up the next day with half of the contents of the sub on your clothes. Below we take a look at the best places to park yourself after a night out and enjoy some top quality grub!

5. Ray’s

Location: Temple Bar, Harcourt Rd.

Wether it be pizza or burgers your after, Ray’s in Temple Bar have the best of both worlds.

4. Super Miss Sue

Location: Drury Street

Arguably the best fish and chips in Dublin, Super Miss Sue will provide you with really fresh food at all hours of the night. First opened in the 1880’s, these guys know how to cook up a storm.

3. Charlies

Location: Westmorland Street, Georges Street, Wexford Street.

Let’s be honest, we all love spice bags, there’s no point in denying it. When it comes to Asian food, Charlies is the only place you should be after sculling drinks all night.

2. Di Fontaines

Location: Temple Bar

If your looking for some NY style pizza, look no further. Located in the heart of the city, you won’t have to go on a drunken gallop to get yourself some cheesy goodness.

1. Zaytoon

Location: Temple Bar

By far the best bit of grub you can get your hands on after a heavy night. Zaytoon provide the best Kebabs in Dublin. Everything from Tikka to Doner, these enormous meals will have you wanting to fall asleep in the taxi home.

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