The Ocean Beach Girlo

Full frontal nudity with a twist. The Ocean Beach Girlo with their doritos tangy cheese tan & shoelace bikinis that feel the need to pose with the Hugh Heffner reject aka Wayne Lineker to maximise their ‘gram’ likes & reach. Literally only knows My Love by Route 94.

The County Colours

Spends their whole holiday funds on pints in Joe Spoons. Stands on ceremony at the end of a Marco Carola set expecting him to play the Irish National Anthem, just like back home in Ballybunion. Brought over 10 x 3 litre bottle of Country Spring to use as mixer.

The Rep

The rep is clinically dead on the inside after consuming nothing but Pot Noodles and the Ibiza equivalent of Glen’s Vodka for the last 11 weeks. The only thing keeping him alive is getting to be in the same room as Carl Cox’s sweaty towel once a week. Tells you to get down early to every event.

The Beefed Up Manbag

Spends €120 on a Sik Silk T-shirt. Prone to using steroids, goes 7 ways on bottle of grey goose in ocean beach. Can be found wearing pink short shorts and an Adidas original man bag. Has more tribal tattoo’s than a New Zealand rugby player.

The Burnt Out Veteran

Wishes it was 1997, has remortgaged his house yearly since 2008 to get over to the closing parties. His kids are called Sasha and Digweed, neither of them stand a chance in life. Has seen more clubs than Tiger Woods.

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