We’ve all seen the video of Nina Kraviz playing DJ Slugo’s “Wouldn’t You Like To Be a Ho Too” at Les Plages Electroniques Festival.

With DJs like Nina, Jeremy Underground, Jackmaster and many more playing Ghetto House classics in their sets we’re starting to see a revival of a brilliant genre. Today we look at our ten favourite 808 driven Ghetto House classics to get yo bootys bouncin’.

DJ Deeon – Pussy, Weed & Alcohol

Deeon says it how it is, writing some ghetto house poetry. This was released digitally in 2006 on Juke Trax Online.

Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness

Raw stripped back drums accompanied by a robotic synth gives this track a chucking vibe. This was released in 1989 on Muzique Records.

Traxmen & Eric Martin – Hit It From The Back

Part of House Trax Volume 1, ‘Hit It From The Back’ was released as a 12″ in 1994. $3.59 for this classic, you can’t really go wrong.

Jammin Gerald – Pump That Shit Up

Here Jammin Gerald utilised those 808 toms to their full ability, perfect for getting the dancefloor nice and hyped. Dancemania released this classic in 1997.

DJ Godfather – Getchobitch

Like 90% of booty bass this one isn’t very PG, DJ Godfather just explaining it how it is. Databass Records released Getchobitch in 2003.

DJ Topcat – I Need Weed In My Life

DJ Topcat gives us a little insight into his daily life here, maybe a bit dramatic with the lyrics but still made a banging track. A Dancemania classic from 1996.

DJ Deeon feat. DJ Funk – Put It In Yo Mouth

DJ Funk raps some beautifully worded poetry over DJ Deeon’s 808 filled breaks. Dress 2 Sweat released this in 2008. Funk, a true 21st century Shakespeare.

Paul Johnson – I Want You To Ride Me

We couldn’t make a Ghetto House list without included Paul Johnson somewhere along the line. Check out this classic from Dancemania in 1995.

DJ Funk – Bitches

DJ Funk brings back his poetic ways in this 1995 classic released on Dancemania.

DJ Assault – Sex On The Beach

DJ Assault brings the mood back down with this chilled out classic. Jefferson Ave Records released this in 2003.

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