Karl Guest’s bi-weekly feature ‘Top 10 releases with Special Guest’ is back.

Every two weeks we ask Karl to pick 10 of his favourite and upcoming releases, written by Karl Guest himself. Karl is one of the few Dublin DJs that’s equally talented in playing house and techno alike, constantly altering his style from gig to gig, similarly to what he chooses to listen to – he’s had a busy year championing nights all over Dublin and at festivals all over the country, so we’re glad we could catch him to share his versatile taste with all of us.

Without further adieu, Karl has picked his favourite upcoming releases, which in his own words…


George Feely – Forget About You

Random Mind State are back once again with another killer various artist EP of party music. Dublin’s own George Feely was called upon by the German imprint to contribute yet again. His ‘Forget About U’ track is an uplifting disco-infused house groove with hard hitting drums, crisp hi hats and soft, moody vocals that sit perfectly on top of the mix.

Label: Random Mind State Release: 24/9/18 


SL2 – DJs Take Control (DJ Boring Remix)

FOOD celebrated their 50th release with a remix EP of SL2’s legendary ‘DJs Take Control’. The record features remixes from Shadowchild, Sooney & Slipmat and DJ Boring as well as a 2018 remaster. I found DJ Boring’s take on it to be the most interesting of the bunch. A long intro of pads, thick bass hits and sporadic breakbeats ease you in to the track and help it to develop a nice, mellow atmosphere which it maintains throughout but with the addition of some rave stabs and a huge sound system vocal.

Label: FOOD Music Release: 14/9/18


Paula Temple & Eomac – Gestirn

None other than Paula Temple dropped a new track last week in collaboration with Irish producer Eomac, also known as Lakker. The result of this collaboration was a stunning electro piece. The synth-work is amazing and they’ve found the perfect balance of banging and melodic, with the drums and rumbling bass creating a lot of energy in the low-end while the pads and synths add a lot of tension and dominate the mid-high frequencies.

Definitely my pick of the week.

Label: Eotrax Release: 21/9/18


Urulu – Precinct 9

Next up is a track courtesy of LA’s Urulu. The now Berlin based producer takes things in a more spaced out, electronic direction on the new ‘Foreign Depths’ EP. The track ‘Precinct 9’ is rich with textures created by the warm, vibrant pads and the dusty drum breaks accompanied by a subtle acid bass-line and extraterrestrial synth hits that really help make this track stand out.

Label: Kalahari Oyster Cult Release: 4/10/18


Baltra – Fu2uR3

The now well-established Baltra has become one of the most exciting DJs and producers currently active in dance music. Baltra returns to ‘Of Paradise’ with his ‘Can’t Explain It’ EP. This release is nothing short of magical and he’s really flexed his musical knowledge on this one. The chosen track ‘Fu2uR3’ is a mellow house groove with some light percussion, repetitive toms and an ethereal vocal that drifts around your head in an almost meditative and therapeutic way.


Tech Support – Friends

Tech Support’s name has been picking up a head of steam in recent months. With some amazing releases and a remix from Black Loops already under his belt, it was no surprise to see the likes of Dan Shake and many others, all playing his then unreleased track ‘Friends’. Videos sprouted up in all the identification groups with people looking for the track ID. It’s a really uplifting tune with a funky bass-line, big chords and pulsating arps that really make the track glide and grow in intensity. Couple that with a great vocal sample like he has here and it’s easy to see why MixMag have premiered the tune over on their SoundCloud.

Label: Anti Skate Release: Coming Soon 


Harrison BDP – Life Unlimited

The lead track ‘Life Unlimited’ from Harrison BDP’s latest EP is definitely one to keep an eye on in the coming weeks. It kicks off as a euphoric, dream-like Italo track. It gains more and more depth as it progresses with additional synths and percussion before cutting rather drastically into a huge piano riff, the beat kicks back in and gives the track that ‘hands in the air, head back’ moment before returning to the Italo vibe it began with.

Label: Phonica Records Release: 30/9/18 


Jovonn – Show U Love (DJ Deep Edit)

Clone Royal Oak gifted us with a three track remix EP where Ian Pooley, Mike Huckaby and DJ Deep all put their own twists on 3 Jovonn classics from Goldtone Records. DJ Deep’s edit of ‘Show U Love’ is a proper Deep House groove. Not too much going on, just raw drums with an infectious bass-line, captivating melodies and a repetitive vocal that really drive the track along.

Label: Clone Royal Oak Release: 17/9/18 


Mix & Fairbanks – Purple

The Newbridge boys are back again [not so long after their last release which came on Hot Digits during the summer] and are showing no signs of slowing down. Their newest EP will drop tomorrow on the LA based label ‘Pleasure Of Love’ and is limited to just 300 copies. It consists of three tracks that are well thought out and made for the dance floor. The second track, ‘Purple’, consists of a hypnotic, looping bass-line with clever fx and perc hits to give the track a more modern disco feel. Lush chords play  throughout and really add to the happy, feel-good vibe of the track.

Label: Pleasure Of Love Release: 28/9/18


Hush Hush – Justify My Love

Hush Hush was one of the many talented artists asked to contribute to QCK Records latest VA, and he did so in style. His beat ‘Justify My Love’ was one of five on the various artist release. He took a mellow approach to this project with a soulful house jam made up of euphoric, choir-like pads, heavily swung percussion and some bright chords/keys which work well together and help make the vocal more effective and emotive.

Label: QCK Records Release: 28/9/18


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