Monnom Black’s Soundcloud dropped a new track late yesterday evening and the description read what a lot of people have been waiting to see for a long time. There’s a Dax J album on the way.

‘Babylon Brutality’ is the opening track off the forthcoming ‘Offending Public Morality’ album which will drop on his label on the 6th of April via digital download, CD and a 2×12″ vinyl copy.

This comes after a prominent year of touring for Dax, who is noted across the industry for his tireless work ethic when it comes to each facet of his career to date; producing, touring and looking after the label.

Monnom Black has etched itself out a respected name within the genre of techno; launching the careers of many artists and with some of the most memorable tracks the genre has heard over recent years being featured on the imprint too.

In the description it outlines how the UK producer aims to nod towards his musical roots by infusing plenty of jungle and drum n’bass sounds with the usual acid and intense sounds that have molded Dax J into arguably the most recognizable face in techno at the moment.

The statement further reads that the main goal of the album is to highlight multiple taboo subjects that currently have a stranglehold on society and lead to mass isolation and scapegoating of individuals.

“Offending Public Morality draws up the lines of conflict in a way that’s vivid and loud as possible; using radical sounds to document the ongoing struggle between free expression and violent repression.”

Listen to the intro track right here via the Monnom Black soundcloud. You can read the full press release on the album in the track’s description. This will be the second album on the label, with techno legend Thomas P. Heckmann recently releasing an extended collection via the outlet last month.


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