All out of Buckfast? Not familar with the area? Your prayers have been answered. Find My Bucky, a brand new app available on both Android and iPhone has been launched by website Wreck the Hoose Juice and has already received great reviews.

Wreck the Moose Juice have said that they currently have locations in the UK and Ireland, as well as mainland Spain, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Cyprus, Greece, the Caribbean and Australia, with “many more being added on a daily basis” by users who are able to update the app themselves with stockists, should they not already be listed on the map.

“Our goal is to spread the awareness of Buckfast and to help Buckateers around the globe easily locate the best wine in the world.”

The app is dependant on it’s users logging the locations in which they say Buckfast for sale, and the app developers are adamant that the locations will be verified as much as possible to prevent users being sent on wild-goose chases.

“The team behind the site and the biggest Buckfast fan group online as well as helping create World Buckfast Day, say they have no affiliation with Buckfast Abbey or J Chandler and Co. Limited the distributors of Buckfast Tonic Wine.”

The Wreck the Hoose Juice website creators say they promote responsible drinking and ask users to only use the app in a responsible manner, adding: “We would say the majority of Buckfast drinkers already do drink responsibly.”

You can download the app via iTunes or Google Play. We already have.



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