Galway’s clubbing scene has really developed a mind of its own over the past few years.

Despite it being reasonably unfair to pick faults at a growing scene, highlighting them now rather than later can help maintain a healthy scene for the organisers and attendees.

Closing Times

This could be a running issue throughout the series, however, one trip up to Dublin on a night out can really test a Galway native’s endurance! Doors shut at 2am Monday to Thursday and a generous 2.30am Friday to Sunday.

With the biggest nights of the week being midweek due to the influx of students, it would at least make sense for this to be the other way around, but the fact that no club even scrapes 3am is a shame. Instead of hampering headline sets, it really restricts any local DJs from playing good warm up sets. Plenty of acts get to play 2 hour sets, but that only leaves the DJ who booked them an hour to showcase their own skills.

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Galway city is not a field. Pat McDonagh doesn’t run the clubs in Galway and not every club is a poor impression of Copper’s. Despite plenty of people undermining and underestimating Galway, over the past few years the House & Techno scene has bubbled up and produced plenty of great promotions; from Maze and Tome to WUA, Tribe and Refuge today, not to mention plenty of smaller ones carving out their own paths. RAG week had a new act each night, all down to young Galway individuals booking them rather than clubs.

The clubs too though have had incredibly strong lineups; Patrick Topping, Bicep, Jackmaster and Dense & Pika all having appeared this year, not to mention Denis Sulta, Baltra and DJ SEINFELD all making their Irish debuts on the Western border.

Big Events On The Same Night

With all that being said, Galway is still a small city and relatively new to big name DJs coming week in, week out. It’s difficult for promoters to take risks in terms of booking acts due to the fact that the city depends on students to fill its clubs.

This leads to plenty of big acts being booked on the same night, which can often leave the club-goer having to miss an act they would’ve gone to see in a heartbeat on any other night.

Main-floor Resident Nights 

Even though there are plenty of Promotions in Galway, there are very few main floor opportunities for young House & Techno DJs to showcase their stuff. As previously mentioned, there come nights where overseas acts demand a sound-takeover within the club, but other opportunities are few and far between.

While each promotion has their respective nights inside rooms such as Der Kesselraum and the Factory, a night solely dedicated to Galway-based DJs is badly needed on our clubs’ main floors.

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