We all love Dublin’s nightlife, but there are some things that REALLY get on our nerves. Everything from closing hours to a lack of transport after nights out, we are pissed! We’ve compiled a list of some things that we feel, if changed, would send clubbing in Dublin in the right direction. 

Let us know if there is anything you think would improve clubbing in Ireland in the comments.


Closing hours in Ireland are dreadful compared to some cities in Europe. There’s a huge number of people that would agree that 2:30 AM- 3:00 AM in the morning is too early for a club to close in Dublin. Clubs in the likes of Galway and Limerick are closing at 2 AM which is even crazier.

There would be no need for illegal after parties that are constantly wasting the Garda’s time by shutting them down, crime rate would drop due to the fact that people are staying in a club environment that is constantly surrounded by security and CCTV surveillance and there wouldn’t be this massive gathering of people at 3am, which leads to fights and altercations. It would save a lot of time and effort for emergency services.

It wouldn’t scare off travelling clubbers from around the world either who are experienced in going to a club and not coming home until the next day, which would also be bringing in a whole different income for the country.


It’s always so hard to try and grab a taxi home after a weekend party in one of your favourite clubs, especially when there’s a group involved. Nitelinks that are every 2 hours aren’t always the safest way home from a night out either. What we need is more frequent bus schedules during the night to make it easier for clubbers to get home. It would also create more jobs to fill in the new bus time tables too.

We’d love to see the DART and Luas running later as well. If Berlin and London can have rail services during the night, then why can’t Dublin?


You’ve all heard that some of your most beloved clubs are closing down to make way for hotels and coffee shops, which is always horrible news to hear. This is a huge dilemma in the underground electronic music scene we all love and is slowly killing what people have worked for.

It was a massive breath of fresh air hearing that Dublin’s newest club ‘Index’ was opening which gives us hope for even more clubs to open up in the near future.


Phones shouldn’t be allowed on the dance floor. The whole ‘mobile phone on a dance-floor’ situation has been debated for as long as we can remember. Some people agree that clubbers should be allowed to record their night out and capture memories. On the other hand clubbers disagree due to the fact that they want a night out to be enjoyed without any mention of social media for a couple of hours.

It’s always good to see a crowd really enjoying the music, minus the lights of a mobile phone camera. We are sick of trying to enjoy ourselves while 17 year old Tasha who got in with her fake I.D is recording ‘Jalek’ at 10:45.

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