Dublin’s prodigy Tommy Holohan has an EP on the way – an adrenaline fuelled four track EP that comprises of entirely original productions. The EP takes you on a narrative and reminiscent journey or tour of his youthful days hanging out in Rush, Dublin, with the track titles mapping out place names of significance for the soundscapes and the young producer.



Newly signed to London based techno label Civil Disobedience, Tommy has carved out a spot for himself on the national and international producer circuit with names like Mall Grab, Dax J and more playing his tunes to pleasantly surprised and impressed crowds all over the world.

His style can’t be placed among any other producers alike him, with each track featured on the EP taking influence from several distinct genres and merging them all into rave worthy tracks and styles that he can proudly call his very own.

The four track EP, entitled Ros Eó, is Tommy’s first solo EP following his work with Casper Hastings on RVE001 for Rave Selekts, a label founded by Tommy. The EP is due for release on Friday, July 14 and the bass heavy tracks are guaranteed to literally blow your socks off.

You can listen to previews of his upcoming EP here:

Tommy is appearing on almost every credible line up about these days, with an upcoming gig in London’s Corsica Studios on July 7 with Civil Disobedience and more. Tommy plays Higher Vision this Saturday, June 30 along with a massive line up on the day including Mumdance, Charlotte de Witte, Cleric and more.
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