American has been one of the world’s best exports in techno music. We’ve seen their own take on techno even being made, Detroit techno which started around the 1980’s. We’ve also seen the combination of Detroit techno and Chicago’s ghetto house to create ghetto-tech. American dance producers have truly been innovative through the years with their music.

DJ Bone

DJ Bone is one of the many Detroit based artists on this list. Bone has released on labels such as his own imprint Subject Detroit and also D1 recordings. Bone has played an important part in Detroit techno and his well known for his Cultural Variance track.

Carl Craig

Carl Craig is considered to be one of the most important names in Detroit techno. He’s known for taking inspiration for a wide range of different genres when it comes to producing. Also owning his own label Planet E Communications it’s easy to see why he made this list.

Kevin Saunderson

Kevin Saunderson is known for his work he put in at the beginning of the Detroit techno movement. When he was 9 years old he befriended two other artists known as Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Saunderson is also known for his work as the collaboration ‘Inner City’ which apparently happened by accident.

DJ Deeon

DJ Deeon is a true living legend having started a whole new era of club music in Chicago. His original masterpiece’s were produced simply with a 606, 808, 909 and a sampler. Deeon caused a change of the Booty Bass movement.

Derrick May

Derrick May is also known for his alias’ Mayday and Rhythim Is Rhythim. Originating from Belleville, Michigan, May is also praised for being a pioneering force in Detroit techno.

Robert Hood

Robert Hood a.k.a Floorplan is a man of many alias’. He is one of the founding members of Underground Resistance alongside Mad Mike Banks and Jeff Mills. Hood is also recognised as one of the founders of minimal techno.

Mad Mike Banks

Mike Banks is known for his work with Undergound Resistance but also for his second co-owned imprint with Christa Robinson known as Submerge Distribution with started in 1992. UR and Submerge Distribution are both independent Detroit based record labels.

Jeff Mills

We don’t really need to give a description of Mills as we’re pretty sure we do a feature on him at least once a week, but who can complain, we all love him.

Josh Wink

Josh Wink is known his tribal-esque techno DJ sets in the U.S during the early 1990s as the American rave scene began to peak. He is also known for his huge hits like ‘Higher State Of Consciousness’ and ‘Don’t Laugh’ under his Winx alias.

DJ Rush

One of the hardcore techno heads, Rush is known for his destructive DJ sets. Originally from Chicago, Rush got his European breakthrough in 1998 with his record ‘Motherfucking Bass’. He used his label Kne’Deep to help up and coming artists to breakthrough into the scene.



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