We take a trip down memory lane, as we look back at 10 original Bicep tracks.

Belfast natives Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar make up the duo Bicep. Known for having a wide range of music knowledge, their old tracks range from 90s infused house to techno.

Together with Rory Hamilton aka Hammer, they run this infamous FEEL MY BICEP label and blog.


A break beat masterclass. What catches our eye the most about this one is the extremely catchy vocal and nostalgic video.

9. Closing Sequence

Techno breaks, synth stabs, rumbling rides, Closing Sequence has it all. Featuring on 50 Weapons final releases, we couldn’t leave this one out.

8. You ft. Ejeca

Joining forces with fellow Belfast man Ejeca, this one heavily inspired by the early 90s warehouse rave era with a modern twist.

7. Vision Of Love

The track that dominated 2012, this one boosted the guys massively. That classic piano riff will always get the crowd going.

6. NRG 106

You won’t find a better drop in a track than the one at 3.30 in this. They released this one in May 2014 right before summer had kicked in, and you couldn’t go to club without hearing it after that.

5. Poly Pineapple

Very cool story behind this one. They lost the project file of the track and had to master the demo! If this fuzzy Italo inspired track isn’t proof that the duo are aliens, we don’t know what is.

4. Back 2 U (Tranz Dub)

If you want to talk ‘vocals’, look no further. Thick basslines, thumping percussion and reverb, plus full vocals show why Bicep are an unbeatable force.

3. Just

One of their more atmospheric tracks. Will Saul’s AUS Music saw the potential in this one and snapped it up. The tension builds throughout the track and drags you in. Yet again a Bicep track dominates the summer, this one being 2015.

2. Dahlia ft. Hammer

FEEL MY BICEP member and fellow Northern Irish pal Hammer teams up with them on what is arguably their greatest track to date (second for us). Wavey pads, a dominating piano lead and hard hitting hi hats are just some of the elements that make up this masterpiece.

1. Nova

First premiered on Will Saul’s DJ Kicks. The !K7 series is known for revealing gems. Break beat, thumping kick drums, atmospheric leads and more this track has got it all. The track reels you in, almost like a journey to outer space.

If you don’t like this track after your first listen, then you should probably get your ears checked.

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