Boiler Room really is the best though, isn’t it? There’s artists for everyone to choose from, whatever you’re into, within the far and wide realms of dance music. The multi-platform result provides endless episodes to watch, listen to, interact with and even attend if you’re lucky.

Some really noteworthy and impressive sets, collaborations, back to backs and more to date have been organised and documented by the Boiler Room team, as well as the vibrant crowd usually providing endless entertainment in some of the best set ups and venues around the world.

Boiler Room usually pops up as a good choice when a group are deciding on and disagreeing about what to listen to in a situation, and with the sunny days approaching, here’s our 10 favourite boiler rooms for the sunny weather for when you’re trying to do just that, from our favourite Irish ones all the way to our favourite international ones too.


Or:la’s boiler room debut last year surprised us with Luke Vibert’s ‘Breakbeat Metal Music’, immediately winning over the hearts of everyone and setting the tone for what ended up being one of the most energetic crowds for an Irish Boiler Room ever. Or:la’s Boiler Room set also saw the emergence of an iconic boiler room hero, Mr. Afterparty, and for that, she definitely wins.

Quinton Campbell

Quinton’s Boiler Room debut this year blessed us with tunes like Honey Dijon’s ‘Catch The Beat’ and some absolutely killer lyrical sampling, all the way to original tunes and remixes of nostalgic classics like Moloko making for an enjoyable one full of summery energy and fun.

Holly Lester

One of Ireland’s most hotly tipped DJs Holly Lester made her Boiler Room debut at her second time playing Belfast’s AVA festival in recent weeks, with nostalgia provoking house beats and samples that would get anyone dancing on a sunny day.


Bicep’s Boiler Room set at AVA three years ago was monumental for them with not one song that disappointed, including everyones favourite house edits and remixes of theirs and more. The whole set is made up entirely of what was deemed their stamped sound of pumping house beats, before slightly evolving their sound to be more layered for their recent Rain EP.


Peach’s debut Boiler Room appearance surfaced recently and caused waves like no other episode thats come before it. The standout set took place at Boiler Room’s queer party in Manchester, bringing house and disco back to its real roots with one of the most energetic crowds we’ve seen so far on Boiler Room in an appropriately colourful disco themed room and summery vibes.


Yet another stand out Boiler Room episode is Yaeji’s set in New York, full of original material, stand out songs and with the occasional super rare cut that turns out to be your new favourite song. The producer, DJ and vocalist has been making impact again after previously working with Mall Grab a few years ago. Recently with her unique take on electronic music and the added extra of her own intriguing vocals, lyrics and more, she’s building a path for herself and a new brand of dance music.

Jayda G

Jayda G’s dancing is the best part of this episode, with genuine joy beaming from the DJ for the groovy selections she makes throughout her second Boiler Room set that’s absolutely bursting with soul, disco and more at the sunny Dekmantel Festival.

Henrik Schwarz

Deep house and classical producer Henrik Schwarz brought us one of the most interesting sets on Boiler Room from 2013, full of melodic house and with the occasional serene, downtempo, jazz influenced track perfect for a summers day.

Kerri Chandler B2B Jeremy Underground

Deep house legends Kerri Chandler and Jeremy Underground teamed up to bring us the grooviest of all Boiler Room episodes and sun into a dark room with their B2B set together from last year in London.


Hailing from Bristol in the UK, Asusu’s appearance on Boiler Room a few years ago went slightly under the radar, but is one of the most enjoyable episodes published. Full of sunny house bangers, Asusu proves his ear for sampling with some grimey, jungley hints in his set too.

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