Jeff Mills has been at the forefront of techno for decades, releasing relentless to atmospheric techno, each record as good as the last. Here we’ll take a look at our favourite 10 Jeff Mills tracks of all time.

Ahead of his return to Ireland, for Higher Vision Festival in Navan, we take a look at the best Jeff Mills creations of all time. It’s pretty much an impossible task, but we had to give it a go, right?

10. Gamma Player (1997)

On one end of Mills’ productions we find his ability to create a perfect deep Detroit style groove whilst maintaining upbeat hi-hats.

9. Growth (1994)

Here we have our first encounter in this list of Mills’ alien-esque techno synths. This trip through space leaves you wondering if he really is human or not.

8. The Sun (1998)

A1 from his Shifty Disco EP track isn’t like the rest of Mills’ records, implementing disco groove with his techno production left us with this killer record.

7. Berlin (1992)

From the most well known side, this Mills track is out-right destruction from kick-off, just listen to that acid bassline.

6. Call Of The Wild (1999)

Here we see Mills embrace his Latin samba grooves to create some perfect tribal techno. Not a lot of people know this, but Mills sampled Michael Jackson for this record.

5. The Bells (1997)

Easily one of Jeff Mills most famous productions and arguably the most well known techno track around. If you ever need a track to get the crowd going you can always rely on The Bells.

4. Alarms (1997)

From the same Kat Moda EP as ‘The Bells’, ‘Alarms’ also takes a sama-esque groove whilst being caressed by the synths which coincidentally resemble alarms. Another top track in Mills catalogue.

3. i9 (1996)

This is one of Mills’ best kept secrets, the track constantly builds with no significant ‘drop’ but a more subliminal climax, a perfect representation that not all techno needs a monstrous drop.

2. Step To Enchantment (1993)

Another one of Mills most famous tracks ‘Step To Enchantment’ takes you on a trip down some hard acid techno. Relentless from start to finish.

1. Changes of Life (1992)

Easily taking our number one slot is this masterpiece ‘Changes of Life’ which was released as part of his Waveform Transmissions Volume 1. This perfect piano melody shows that sometimes simplicity is key.


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