For our brand new guest feature, we’re delighted to bring you 10 of Karl Guest’s favourite and upcoming releases, written by Karl Guest himself. Karl is one of the few Dublin DJs that’s equally talented in playing house and techno alike, constantly altering his style from gig to gig, similarly to what he chooses to listen to – he’s had a busy year championing nights all over Dublin and at festivals all over the country, so we’re glad we could catch him to share his versatile taste with all of us. 

1. Gnork – Yoga On E

Hungarian wizard, Gnork steps up to the plate for Lone’s Magic Wire label, delivering a four-track EP full of old school breakbeats and melodies. The lead track ‘Yoga On E’,  which was premiered by Slav, consists of a raw, 90’s House bassline, four to the floor drums layered with a vintage breakbeat, arps and rich, vibrant strings and pads which really tie it all together. Feel good music.

2. Niles Cooper – U Feel It

Nobody is doing it quite like Niles Cooper is at the moment. The DJ/Producer hailing from Aalborg, Denmark has been carving out a name for himself with his unique and modern take on the classic House/Garage sound of the 90’s, as well as delivering some more ambient, breakbeat inspired tracks.

‘U Feel It’ is one of four cuts from his latest EP entitled ‘Feelin Deep’ which is due out on the label Planet Gwer this weekend. Uplifting keys, pumping vocals and raw drums really drive the track alongside a classic, New York style bassline and a massive sax lead. Proper House Music.

3. Derek Carr – Acid Bath

New one from the Irish DJ/Producer’s forthcoming ‘Pioneers’ EP on the highly esteemed Craigie Knowes imprint. Each of the tracks from the EP are worthy of a mention and explore old school Acid, Techno and Detroit Electro sounds. I’ve settled on ‘Acid Bath’ on the A Side for now.

The title explains the track perfectly. Raw acid lines, jackin’ drums, classic techno chords and angelic pads that flow throughout really make it a great piece. I’d highly recommend getting your order in quick as I don’t think it’ll be long before they’ve all been snatched up. 10/10

4. Rick Wade – Passion Play

Detroit House legend, Rick Wade has gifted us with a diverse four-track EP on the now notorious Shall Not Fade record label. The standout piece for me has to be ‘Passion Play’ on the A Side. This track calls to mind 90’s Deep House with vocal chops, melodic chords, high strings, a jazzy saxophone and a deep, infectious bassline. More proper House Music.

5. Sunner Soul & Scruscru – Spring Mood

Clandestine Boogie are back for their 3rd release, this time calling upon Sunner Soul to deliver a disco tinged EP which is sure to be well received. He has a number of previous releases on top labels such as Editorial, DiscoDat and Midnight Riot. The main track ‘Spring Mood’ sees Soul team up with the Russian producer Scruscru, providing for us some mellow music with swinging percussion, a funky bassline and trance inducing, detuned arps which are perfect for these summer days/nights. It’s been premiered with Bolting Bits while the full release comes on July 25th. Check it.

6. Placid One – Pygmalion

From Belgium, Placid One has been delivering deep, euphoric, bass music for a while now. He first caught my attention a while back with a release on the French label Eddy Larkin.

His new ‘Hourglass’ EP on Nebulae Records is sounding seriously impressive and I’ve had the lead track, ‘Pygmalion’ (featured on The Ransom Note) on repeat since the premiere a couple weeks back. It’s a really atmospheric tune with moody chords/pads guided by pulsating breaks and a high strung acid line which is complimented by some nice synths before breaking down with a classic and unexpected vocal sample from Loleatta Holloway (Although you’re probably expecting that now.. My bad).

Would recommend.

7. Tony Allen – Get Together (Folamour In Harmony Remix)

Nice Afrobeat remix coming from none other than Folamour as he continues to churn out tune after tune while also maintaining an extremely high level of quality. This time, he’s on remix duties for Tony Allen’s classic ‘Get Together’ from his 1999 album ‘Black Voices’ on Comet Records. A really smooth track with a groovy bassline that is accompanied by some rich brass sections and rhythmic, tribal percussion. It breaks down really nicely with some looping of the chords and synths, then builds back up with the addition of the vocals before kicking back in with some added arps. Nice.

8. DJ Boring – Stuck In Russia

DJ Boring’s latest EP on Shall Not Fade ticks all the right boxes. Stuck In Russia is the third track from the ‘For Tahn’ EP and is definitely the stand out for me. It kicks off with some loose percussive sounds and a fuzzy bassline before the addition of some higher, evolving synth melodies that would sound right at home on a Feel My Bicep release. It’s a very simple track, but if played at the right time, could easily flip any party on its head. This one gets a big yurt from me.

9. George Earnest – Mermaid Dive

Berlin based Irish man George Earnest was at the helm for PEAR004 with his ‘A Dreaming Island’ story. 6 excellently crafted balearic/dream house pieces which have a very 90’s feel but with a modern touch. Pick of the bunch for me is the B Side track ‘Mermaid Dive’ which was premiered by Dream Chimney, with other tracks ‘Organ Of Evening Calm’ and ‘Awake My Friend’ both respectively being premiered with DJMag and Bolting Bits. Mermaid Dive calls to mind some Ron Trent tracks of old with an atmospheric intro and some light percussion along with warm, lush pads, a euphoric melody, soft bassline and some well placed snare fills. Stimulating.

10. Johannes Albert – Pachanga

Johannes Albert is as diverse as they come. Comfortable across many sub-genres from Deep House to Techno and Disco, as can be seen in his latest release, ‘The Dancing Plague’ EP on Needwant Records. The main track for me here is one entitled ‘Pachanga’. Again, this is a balearic-tinged Italo track referencing early 90’s house tracks from the likes of Ron Trent and Don Carlos. Some natural sounds and light percussion ease us into the track at the beginning as pads begin to form from the wave sounds before a gentle bassline and pan pipes are introduced to effortlessly carry us through the track. Kick back.

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