10. Fatima Yamaha

When it comes to live sets, Fatima Yamaha is far and few between a musical mastermind. Watching him play the melody of ‘What’s A Girl To Do’ on his keyboard was one of the highlights of the festival. Not to mention the crowd over powering the actually music whilst singing along.

9. Mall Grab

A Dublin favourite, Mall Grab returned to Dublin to make his debut at Forbidden Fruit this year and he did not disappoint. It seems that everything this Aussie touches turns to gold, including his high energy sets. Although he would be considered a ‘smaller’ name compared to others on the line up, it would be scandalous to not include him in a top 10.

8. Maceo Plex

I know what you’re thinking, it’s outrageous Maceo Plex is so low down on this list, but to be honest, it was hard to put him ahead of anyone higher. His set was good as you’d expect, but what more can we say about it? Not much. Maybe the expectation was too high after Moderat gave one of the greatest performances of the festival beforehand…

7. Orbital

There’s no arguing that ‘Orbital – Belfast‘ is one of the greatest tracks ever made, but when they played it on Saturday night at the main stage, there was a special feeling to it. After recently reforming, brothers Phil & Paul dropped their almighty classic to well over ten thousand fans in the pouring rain and gave us all goosebumps!

6. Motor City Drum Ensemble (MCDE)

Technically, MCDE can’t be touched when it comes to playing wax. Cool, calm and collective at all times, he actually played pretty hard from his usual disco infused grooving sets, although he did finish up in his remaining minutes with some signature MCDE tracks like ‘Logg – Dancing Into The Stars‘. However there were a lot of complaints about the sound quality. Wether that was down to the sound system or his records, I don’t know.

5. Peggy Gou

A massive surprise to me and many others, Peggy Gou played an insanely good set. The Lighthouse Stage was just filling up as people were waiting Denis Sulta, who was set to come on after her, but to many peoples surprise as she isn’t well known on Dublin shores, she absolutely killed it, not to mention playing a very early set! As she finished up, the crowd applauded her with a war like scream, along with Sulta bowing to her.

4. Moderat

Every time I see Moderat, I’m left speechless. The Berlin based trio brought their A game as always, but the Pfadfinderei visuals are like adding another dimension to the experience. When lead singer Sascha, also known as ‘Apparat‘ started to sing the words to ‘Bad Kingdom‘, every festival-goer stood in amazement.

3. Kink

Bulgarian based Kink is known for being an innovator in electronic music, from making music by physical arm movements, to writing piano riffs on his mobile phone, there is nothing this man can’t do when it comes to instruments. His crowd interaction is second to none, and he showed that at Forbidden Fruit this year!

2. Aphex Twin

I know there is going to be a lot of haters, and that an Aphex Twin set only comes around once in a lifetime, but my head just wasn’t in it. Don’t get me wrong, his set was amazing, in a weird way. It almost feels like he is ‘toying’ with you when he plays. If you are genuinely into listening to experimental, mixed with Jungle, and everything in between, this man will amaze you. Maybe I’m just being bitter because he didn’t play anything from ‘Selected Ambient Works‘, (I knew he wouldn’t).

1. Denis Sulta

Fresh off his Boiler Room the day beforehand, Denis Sulta stole the show. The Lighthouse Stage was so packed that people couldn’t get in or out. Punters came down in their thousands to watch the Glaswegian man play everything from his own ‘Nein Fortiate‘ to old school banger ‘Niels Van Gogh – Pulverturm (DJ Tomcraft Remix)‘.

P.S, I understand Aphex Twin is a musical genius and hasn’t been around a wet day like Denis Sulta has, but I’m just going off both of their sets at the festival, not their productions or career.

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