The Chemical Brother’s started in Manchester back in 1989 when Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons decided to make music together. Ever since they’ve released legendary albums and hits like ‘Galvanize’, ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl’, ‘Swan’ and many more.

Almost the impossible task, but we did it…

10. Block Rockin’ Beats

Block Rockin’ Beats was released as a single from their second full album called ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ which came out in 1997. There’s actually two versions of this track, once begins with a bassline the other with an intro.

9. Elektrobank

Elektrobank was also released on their 1997 album ‘Dig Your Own Hole’, this track ended up reaching 17 on the UK singles charts. Check out the video directed by Spike Jones below.

8. Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity was originally released on a white label to promote their upcoming album, at the time, ‘Further’. Although the version from the original single is different to the version on the album.

7. Life Is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix)

Not a lot of people know that Daft Punk even remixed The Chemical Brothers but this track has stood it’s time. Originally released in 1995 as the second single from their debut album ‘Exit Planet Dust’.

6. Swoon

Swoon originally placed at #100 in the UK charts which was the lowest The Chemical Brother’s have ever been on the charts. Swoon also appeared on a free CD which came in The Times newspaper in 2010.

5. Dave Clarke – No One’s Driving (The Chemical Brothers Remix)

This is another remix not a lot of people know about. This released in 1996 along side the original No One’s Driving and Robert Hood’s remix of ‘Wisdom To The Wise’.

4. Hey Boy, Hey Girl

We couldn’t leave this out on it’s 18th birthday (and also that it is a solid track). Hey Boy, Hey Girl was released as part of their 1999 album Surrender, and also peaked at #3 in the UK charts.

3. Galvanize

Galvanize was released as part of The Chemical Brothers 2005 album entitled ‘Push The Button’. Galvanize also reached #3 on the UK charts but reached #1 in Spain in 1999 for two consecutive weeks.

2. Electronic Battle Weapon 9

Electronic Battle Weapon 9 was released alongside 8 as well in 2006. The Electronic Battle Weapon series was made as a promotional series for DJs to use in their sets.

1. Saturate

Was originally released as Electronic Battle Weapon 8 for their promo series but then was released in 2007 on their 7th studio album ‘We Are The Night’. If you’re not familiar with ‘Saturate’ you need to check it out right now and you’ll see why it is #1 on our list.

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