We carefully curated this list of Ireland’s most promising acts with our friends at TicketSwap. Not only do we have often very similar music taste, we also share the same beliefs about, and stand firmly on the matter, that secondary ticketing should be a safe and fair place across Ireland to ensure fairness among artists, promoters, venues and similarly the whole electronic community. TicketSwap are ticking all the boxes on the matter, which is why we are teaming up across the summer to bring you some more musical goodness from our favourite – and we’re proud to say – homegrown Irish electronic producers.

With more and more internationally acclaimed DJs proclaiming their love for a country they favour for electronic music and club culture, and offering their support to some of Ireland’s insanely talented producers and DJs, it’s encouraging a lot more producers to rise from sitting behind their laptop in their bedroom to making their productions and ideas in the world of electronic music public. With more collectives than ever and with more labels starting up dedicated almost entirely to regular club focused releases on vinyl and digital, Ireland itself has become one of the most up and coming countries for promising and emerging electronic music producers. With a huge output of quality DJs, producers, promoters, labels and more, Ireland is firmly putting itself on the map of the world of electronic music.

Without further adieu, here’s the 15 Irish artists we’re tipping for greatness.



Adamant’s music has the ability to teleport you to a summery tropical paradise no matter where you are, with disco and house tunes made in heaven and an ear for some of the grooviest samples around. 

Bobby Analog

The Belfast DJ, founder of his own house label Body Fusion, promoter and producer was a clear choice for us with consistently impressive releases for quite some time now with some of his music released on Timmy Stewart’s Extended Play label too. His lo-fi tinged music is reminiscent of the waves coming from artists like Baltra, Demuja and more and was shaped by a year in New York learning the craft of playing vinyl. Constantly popping up on line ups with impressive names around the country, he’s definitely one to watch.

Casper Hastings

Casper Hastings’ music ranges from pounding warehouse techno to instances of jungle and hardcore, making for music thats not quite like anything else in Ireland. The fledgling producer worked with Tommy Holohan for Rave Selekts debut release, and his productions often share the stage with or get played by massive names internationally.


DART aka Jordan Kinlan has proved himself as one of Ireland’s most promising producers, with the support of many big names internationally including X Coast and Baltra along with an AVA emerging producer award under his belt. His unique take on classic house music has won the hearts of many listeners with a retro feel pervading through most of his tunes.

George Feely

Local Dublin selector and well known figure within Dublin’s electronic music circuit, George Feely dabbles in what’s usually funk orientated house music in many of his residencies around Dublin and on line ups around the country alike. With an ear for house and disco he’s released plenty of tracks and edits during his time, with recent involvement with labels such as Random Mind State.

Karl Guest

As one of the most seasoned DJs on the list, Karl Guest is sometimes overlooked as one of the most adept upcoming producers on the island right now. His ability to pump out disco edits, club-orientated house and ravey techno is almost second to none and compliments his varied and well-versed approach to DJing perfectly.


KETTAMA’s unrivaled rise to prominence is one of the most impressive success stories the country is likely to see. Kicking off with a weekly residency with the VSN collective in his hometown of Galway, to names as big as Mall Grab playing his tunes all over the world he is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. A successful 3 date tour of China and with one of the most anticipated EPs of the year on the way, the world really is his oyster. 

Long Island Sound

The Berlin based Irish producers have been consistently impressing with releases of variant punchy house tracks that make you sway at regular gigs here at home and internationally.

Matt Finnegan

Despite being more well known in Ireland for his Hip Hop exploits, Finnegan is one of the country’s most overlooked talents, with his house and techno work being recognised all over the world; gigs in Poland and Paris are both proof of that. The variety in his output is incredibly refreshing for such a young producer and not only shows his prowess in terms of production but also makes him stand out from what can sometimes be a monotonous pool of producers.

Quinton Campbell

Quinton’s musical career was already well recognised by many of the industry’s top names (BICEP for example), but he has skyrocketed since his recent Boiler Room appearance which was full to the brim with eager ravers from the get go at Belfast’s acclaimed AVA festival this year. He’s proving himself to be part of Ireland’s always-expanding group of promising and emerging house producers but he’s doing so with a unique style that not too many can call upon. 


Dublin Producer and DJ r.Kitt has been steadily proving his talent over the last decade, solo, and as part of DIP Collective in which he founded with friends and other notable DJs Cait Fahey and Enda. After his appearance on fledgling label Pear’s debut EP, things have been going from strength to strength for the atmospheric house wizard, most recently appearing on Pear’s PAL volume 1 compilation. 


As one of the key cogs at Dublin’s All City Records, Sage’s in-depth knowledge of electronic music really comes as no surprise. Aside from making sure that the city’s DJs get their fix of house, techno, electro, dub, disco and whatever else, the producer has made a steady ascension to the near summit of electronic music producers in Ireland with releases on in-house labels such as Jheri Tracks and Pear as well as a notable appearance on US-based label Tasteful Nudes, not to mention of course gigs supporting the likes of Mr. G, DVS1 and many more across Dublin and beyond.


Probably the youngest out of the lot, Shee has been making waves around the country with hard hitting and punchy disco and house edits.

 Small Bear

Coming seemingly from nowhere, Small Bear is the prototypical internet phenomenon despite not being the most active on the ground in terms of playing shows and DJing on a regular basis. With all that taken into account, his musical prowess is something to really behold as he has grasped a number of different angles of house music and welded them into his own unique and very polished style. If there was a particular dark horse on this list, Small Bear would be it.

Tommy Holohan

Kicking off with a residency with Techno & Cans and apparently coming out of absolute obscurity (Rush, North Co. Dublin if you want to be exact), Holohan is one of the most accomplished producers spawning from Ireland. Having set up his own label Rave Selekts, which played host to the cult-favoured track, Subaru Impreza, and getting support from Dax J, Randomer, Mall Grab, Mixmag and many more, things are finally taking shape in an international light with an upcoming gig in London’s Corsica Studios alongside Stranger, Reflec and many more likely to kick start a busy set of gigs for the rave connoisseur.


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