Let’s be real, is there anyone funnier/crazier in electronic music than Jackmaster?

From his hilarious tweets to his outrageous track selections in sets, Jack is the most exciting man in the business. There are way to many funny moments to pick from so we take a look at our favourite.

5. ‘Yoooo YOOOO – Four Four Magazine Interview’

Our editor Gareth Elliot recently caught up with Jack before his show at District 8. When we received the footage back we were crying with laughter at Jack’s intro.

4. ‘Finishing with Alicia Keys on his Mixmag Lab’

This set is outstanding, as always when it’s Jack playing. The ending is just ludicrous though. He ends on ‘Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’. Creative.

3. ‘Fillet O Fish’

As he says in the video, he heard a few of his mates talking about McDonalds Fillet O Fish, so he put it to the test and done a review. Just watch this 52 seconds of brilliance.

2. ‘Night off in Ibiza’

Jack, Seth Troxler and more were at the club. It was looking a bit dead, Jack saw a podium, the rest is history.

1. ‘The Suitcase’

Easily one of the funniest videos to grace the internet in 2016. Jasper James uploaded a video from a party that himself and Jackmaster were hosting. It shows Jasper (with his top off) wheeling around a suitcase while dancing. It turns out Jackmaster is inside the suitcase.

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