We compiled a list of some of our favourite music videos helped by members of our Four Four group.

A complimentary relationship; art, video and music have been providing unique components for one another nearly since they’re creation. Most major big releases will see a fitting video making it more than just music with an element of being unique while giving a song more context. We’ve asked our group and chosen some of our favourite music videos of all time. Aesthetically pleasing, all round ingenuity in the ideas and genuine pieces of art, they’re is so much to choose from but we hope you enjoy our selections.

The Blaze – Territory

Seamless camera shots telling a story of a man coming home from fighting overseas to be greeted by family and friends. The video continues to show emotional interactions with his peers and what seems to be a motherly figure. A true testament to the emotional value of the video is shown when “Dali Benssalah, the main character hugs his mother, the mother hadn’t seen her boy for ten years.” said one half of The Blaze, Jonathan Alric. He goes on to say, “When we did the scene, she was really crying, because her story was the same. It’s what happened to her.
The attention to detail in creating a story behind the song shows its true artistic worth.

Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice

Who would of thought Christopher Walken and Fatboy Slim would collaborate? The unforgettable video shows esteemed actor Christopher Walken dancing to the Fatboy Slim track. As the video progresses he traverses through more obscure areas all still while dancing. A very unusually entertaining watch.

Childish Gambino – This Is America

One of the most famous pieces in recent times for its music and video genius. The video is famously known as being taken all in one take, no stops, no editing just one continuous well choreographed shot. The meaning behind the video covers some topics including America’s gun laws and the problems with them. The powerful video is still relevant a year later.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

Famous for his obscure music videos, Windowlicker takes the crown as the video’s narrative of Aphex Twin driving through sunny LA while the women’s face he is visit are morphed into his own. The use of his own face has become iconic and he still continues to do to this day.

The Prodigy – Smach My Bitch Up

One of dance music’s most infamous videos, The Prodigy released ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ on their ‘The Fat Of The Land’ album in 1997. An already ear perking title name, the video follows a persons adventures on a night out as its filled with alcohol consumption and drug use. The weird and wild venture gets more graphic and strange throughout with a twist towards. A must watch.

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up – DVD edit from The Prodigy on Vimeo.

Aphex Twin – T69 Collapse

An amazing example of pure genius from Aphex Twin and video creators, Weirdcore. Aphex Twin is synonymous with creating unusual spectacles within live shows and his music videos. T69 Collapse is another prime example with a journey through a urban scene, created and morphed through a computer world. Buildings change shape and distorted landscapes take charge in the video as movements in the video sync perfectly with the track. If you haven’t already, this is a video you have to see.

Kanye West – No Church In The Wild

No Church In The Wild portrays a story of revolution and battle between rebellious movements and authority. Flawless camera work shows fighting between the two groups and the victory from the rebel forces. An exceptionally thought provoking video.

Vince Staples – FUN! 

An extremely creative idea where Google Maps is used to move in the video exactly as if you are using it yourself. A unique idea that you should definitely check out.

Bicep – Glue

The recent hit from Belfast duo, Bicep shows clips of various towns across the UK that were brought alive by illegal raves. They show the towns in their current state, back to normal and not a memory of the impact them places had on the UK’s dance music culture. White text on a black background shows comments from YouTube that tell a story of how important that rave culture was to them.

Daft Punk – Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem

Daft Punk create an hour long animated science fiction film that tells a story of an interstellar pop band being abducted and rescued. Created by Japanese and French artists while the soundtrack is the whole Discovery album, placed perfectly with corresponding sections of the story. The dedication and ideas behind this, showcase another staple of Daft Punks excellence.

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