PrinceStreetRhythmExperiment is the new moniker of a producer who’s music we all know well now by the name of Lamaj. Releases started to pop up earlier this year on YouTube tastemaker channels like Moskalus and most notably the track ‘Kick It’.

Immediately because of the title, you’ll probably think of A Tribe Called Quest, and you’re not wrong. The track starts as a smooth house production distracting your mind from the imminently approaching sample, but then, alas, the sample appears as a surprise perfectly in the midst of a punchy house track. Lamaj is now known for his sample heavy tracks and his adapted style of house and hip hop influences.

From there, Lamaj (PrinceStreetRhythmExperiment) has gone on to support acts like Mezigue, Crackazat, Eli Escobar and more and with a Tea Party residency up his sleeve and as one half of the duo often frequenting the decks at Toast, Comic & Sans, he’s had a good year so far.

Now, a new project comes from the DJ and producer with the PrinceStreetRhythmExperiment moniker taking the spotlight with a new track for you to listen to, with plenty more on the way. PrinceStreetRhythmExperiment is going to be focusing on less sample based tracks, making recording and producing with live electronic instruments more central to his processes alongside experimenting with different types of rhythms and genres found throughout electronic music and the world with some breaks thrown in for good measure. This will be more prevalent in future releases and he’s got plenty of material to come. With that, we’re delighted to bring you a premiere of his new track ‘Goodbye in Pastel’. Keep your eyes peeled for more new music coming from the Dublin producer.

You can catch him playing upstairs at Tea Party tonight at The South William where they’re kicking off their third season in the venue. Find out more here.

Listen to the premiere via our SoundCloud below: 


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