Tresor have announced that they’re going to re-issue Waveform Transmission Vol. 3, Jeff Mills second album in the Waveform Transmission series, with Robert Hood producing Volume 2 and Jeff Mills producing Volume 1 under another alias. The third entry in the Waveform Transmission series, released in 1994, has been known to mark the burst of Jeff Mill’s crucial sound on to the circuit.

The re-issue is set to take place on November 2nd, released as a double-LP in a batch of 1500 stamped and hand-numbered copies. Find out more about the Tresor label here.

Track list: 

01.The Extremist
02. Solid Sleep
03. Life Cycle
04. Workers
05. Wrath Of The Punisher
06. DNA
07. Condor to Mallorca
08. Basic Human Design

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