With every festival comes the aftermath of videos of DJs playing new tracks, old tracks and everything in between. ‘Track ID’ posts are great, it brings people together by searching for an unreleased track or a track that isn’t really known to many people, but some of the ways people have been describing the moment the DJ played the track is getting crazier by the minute.

Here are some examples that we can’t get our heads around to be honest.


Didn’t know Maya Jane had a guillotine on stage with her, if she’s responsible for decapitating two Tune Droppers.

MANDICAPPED?! We give up.

This one manages to be both complimentary and offensive.
The less said about this one the better.  
We don’t think this one will stand up too well in court pal…

Who raised this person?

Aren’t wheelies performed on a motorbike and not a set of decks?


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