UK police have issued a warning surrounding the presence of fake MDMA being sold at Parklife festival over the past weekend. The fake MDMA is known to cause a normal effect at start, but after a few hours its known to cause some pretty harmful side effects, including anxious stimulation and inability to sleep [for up to 3 days after dosing], paranoia, psychosis and more.

The drug N-Ethyl-Pentylone is said to be three times the strength of the drug its being sold as [MDMA] and it’s side effects are said to be dealt with through medical sedation to suppress the narcotic effects it holds that can lead to casualty, death, accidental overdose and more.

Its appearance, taste and smell is similar to that of crystal MDMA, hence the difficulty in distinguishing between the two drugs. Its been responsible for several deaths overseas and users are urged to to take extra caution when considering using the drug and to always test their drugs before taking them.

The blue punisher pills in which lead to the death of two young festival goers at Mutiny Festival last month have also said to be found in circulation at Parklife and confiscated due to their lethal effects. Warnings are still being issued about this ecstasy pill contrary to the tragedies that occurred at Mutiny Festival last month.

Photo taken from The Daily Mail.


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