Festival season: one of the most exciting times of the year. Where thousands upon thousands of different cultures, people, music styles all come together for the same cause, to have a good time.
We decided since our Four Four audience are all festival crazy, we would do up an ultimate festival checklist just so you’re all in the know and not have to worry about anything but running out of drink.


  • Tickets – Both festival and travel tickets
  • ID – You can occasionally get asked at the entrance of a festival for ID, just bring one in case
  • CASH CASH CASH – Some say the queue’s at festivals for an ATM are some of the longest in the world. Cash is king when it comes to festivals.
  • Ear plugs – This is the year you all start wearing earplugs to protect your ears. Find out more info on this topic here
  • Cans – Many of themRelated image


  • Rain jacket – Be safe rather than sorry
  • Socks – Socks can really change the game for any situation, but just make sure you bring double the amount you need
  • Big snug jumper – For sleeping and chilling
  • T-shirts – It’s simple
  • Swim shorts – You may feel a bit fruity at your festival of choice and if there’s a potential opportunity for a dip, you may as well
  • Jocks/pants – This kind of falls into the same category as socks, they can really change the game. Bring more than you may need.
  • Cap/beanie – A good hat can be good for two things, warmth and a good picture, try and get one that suits both attributes
  • Sunglasses – To keep your eyes protected from the sunlight (if you’re lucky to get some)
  • Wellies – Festivals tend to get groggy and wet at certain parts. Wellies are your perfect protectors from the grog.


  • Phone – The famous “Where you” conversation, echoes throughout every festival. A phone is not a  need, but it can come in handy when you’ve lost your gang.
  • External charger (USB dock) – This is a must for any punters that like to keep their socials topped up with their festival antics.
  • Torch – A torch can be a good addition to night time travels across tent campsites and festival grounds themselves
  • Speaker – When it comes to a speaker, don’t just think “I want this to be the loudest as can be”, think about battery life and durability. You may have the loudest speaker, but how long will it last? This is a big thought process. I hope you’re wise in your decision.


  • Lip balm – Dry lips can lead to a bad time, make sure you’re moisturised to the maximum with some lip balm (Carmex is number 1)
  • Baby wipes – Most festival goers wouldn’t go through the ordeal of having a shower, so baby wipes are a good substitute. Bring double the amount than you think you need.
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste – It’s quite a given, but there’s nothing as satisfying after brushing your teeth after skulling 12 cans in the last 4 hours.,
  • Sun cream – The Irish are very prone to get burnt even in the slightest amount of sun contact, treat your skin to a good time and make sure you’re creamed up.
  • Deodorant – Keep the festival stale scent away with some simple deodorant tactics.
  • Hair brush – Your hair will get knotted and messy. Keep everything intact and tidy with a hairbrush
  • Towel – Towels can be useful for anything along the lines of, wiping up a spill, drying off (after a swim/shower).
  •  Shampoo – If you are stern on getting a shower, I’m sure you will be pleased with the end result, but, for anyone who doesn’t want to have a full body. A simple tactic involving a big 2/5 litre bottle of water wetting your head can be a good way of a simple head wash.
  • Small mirror – If you simply want to see how much of a mess you look or if you’re a female and wanna do your make-up.
  • Condoms – Euphoric feelings can lead to many things, stay covered.
  • Hand sanitizer – Simple and to the point, wash anything you wish with the maximum end result.


  • Tent – Depending on the person, some people tend to spend a lot of their time at their tent. If there are 4 people in one tent, maybe aim for a 6 man tent to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Sleeping bag – These don’t need to be over complicated. Cosy, big & easy to roll back up.
  • Wheelbarrow/trolley – These seem to be not looked at for some reason. With the sheer amount of stuff we bring to festivals, the easiest way to bring stuff from A to B is a wheelbarrow/trolley or in some cases a wheelie bin, it’s all personal preference.
  • Umbrella – A simple umbrella with a sturdy frame can be a good addition to keeping the rain away.
  • Bin bags – It’s a given that your tent/area will get messy, so why not keep it nice and tidy with some big bin bags.
  • Pillows & blankets – Depending on what festival you’re at, you may experience extreme numbness at night time without a nice blanket, or if you want to pimp out your tent area.
  • Camping chair – If not one of the most important parts of luggage of any festival… the iconic chair. When looking for a chair, you should take into account. Durability and size, get the perfect ratio of these two and you’re onto a winner

Honourable mentions:

  • Bottle openers
  • Lighters/matches
  • Duck tape
  • Flag
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Ziplock bags
  • Hip flask
  • Bumbag



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