Detroit techno heavyweights Underground Resistance made their voice heard via Facebook on Saturday night, accusing Buuren’s new Ibiza residency of plagiarism after the name was revealed as “UR”, an acronym that Underground Resistance have been using since 1990.

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For people who don’t know much about either party, here’s some insight. Underground Resistance was formed by Detroit techno legends, Jeff Mills and Mike Banks in 1989 and is known as a driving force for underground music due to their rebellion against of the commercialisation of techno. They also tried to appeal to lower class African Americans in Detroit, and are very much anti-establishment.

On the other hand, most would consider Armin Van Buuren the total opposite to this, being a commercial trance ‘superstar’ DJ and is said to be worth around 40 million euros. The argument is that Armin has totally plagiarised the Underground Resistance (UR) name and logo for his new Ibiza residency at Hï Ibiza formally known as Space, which is clear to see. UR label manager Cornelius Harris recently spoke to RA on the matter:

“There’s no excuse for this. It’s lazy and irresponsible of the artist AND promoter. I’m all for folks having fun regardless of the style of music, but that can be done without trying to exploit the years of work that another artist has put in for your own benefit. Van Buuren offers no explanation for it, simply calling U R ‘my new concept’ and leaving it at that. Sorry man, no fucking way.”


There’s two arguments here, one, that Armin is so commercial and corporate that he doesn’t even know of Underground Resistance, and the other, that Armin is in fact plagiarising this legendary name. I’m sure by now that UR have sent a cease and desist to Armin’s team. If so, this will go to a legal case if there is no response. One thing we do know is this would have never happened when Coxy was dictating Space!

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