Another Airbnb rave has taken place and this time US airforce troops from RAF Lakenheath are to blame. Sara Bear and her partner had agreed to rent out their converted barn to a servicewoman from the RAF Lakenheath under the impression there was two of them and they wanted a ‘quiet weekend’.

Contrary to their beliefs Bear arrived at her accommodation in the early hours of the morning to see more than 50 service men with speakers, smoke machines, lights and everything you need for a rave.

“When I walked around the holiday let it was just rammed. They had brought smoke machines, their own sound machine, disco lights and tables. I called the police and we started asking people to leave.” Said Bear to the Eastern Daily Press, “Most of them just left fine. They were quite respectful. They were surprised when we turned up. A couple of them were annoyed we had ruined their party and they had a lot to say about it. One of the servicemen punched my partner.”

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of an Airbnb being used for raves, previously a house in North London was being used a fully functional nightclub.

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