We recently touched on clubland’s obsession with the old and vintage things we never used to bat an eyelid at and how we’re dressing more so as if we were smack bang in the 90s than 2018.

Now more than ever we’re looking in the rear view mirror when it comes to every aspect of clubbing; the sound, the look and just about anything else in between. Clubs are acting as if they’re time machines and we’re all a bunch of Docs and Marty McFlys travelling between them. 

One of the aspects that shapes the aesthetic of clubbing the most is obviously photography, and with that in mind we were presented with a whole host of images from clubs around the country and the globe in Polaroid format thanks to Agnieszka Goch, who has been photographing a range of clubbing experiences.

The following collection sees her work from a varied selection of gigs across Budapest, Dublin and Belfast that included the likes of Peggy Gou, Denis Sulta, Tw!tch and DSNT.

Take a look and let the nostalgia seep in.

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