Take a look at a mixed media project made up of a printed publication and a documentary taking a look into neo-tribalism, community and identity within Dublin’s small but vast nightlife. Made by five Multimedia students from DCU, the project takes an extensive look into identity within Dublin’s club scene. 

“‘I Like Downstairs’ is a mixed media project comprising of a video documentary and a
printed publication. Through both these media, the themes of neo-tribalism and identity are
explored in the context of Dublin’s nightlife and club scene. The documentary features people who are involved in the curation and growth of Dublin’s club culture. Those interviewed share their opinions and anecdotes surrounding that factors that affect Dublin’s club culture and how it affects those involved within it. The printed publication acts as a supplementary piece to the documentary and offers an additional point of view to explore and engage with the present themes.”

“The project aims to examine to what extent attending night club events in Dublin contributes
to patrons’ feeling of inclusion within a community which experiences tribal bonds and furthermore whether or not attending such events contributed to the formation one’s personal identity. The objective of ‘I Like Downstairs’ is to examine two research questions which arise from the primary hypothesis. The first of which is to explore how individuals form and shape their identities within the sphere of Dublin’s nightlife culture. The second question postulates the ways in which these individuals form groups or tribes within this same culture.”


The documentary is packed with interviews with some of the people at the forefront of Dublin’s club culture scene, involved in the curation and growth of Dublin’s club culture, from DJs, promoters, bookers and more.



You can take a look at the publication here.

The publication features interviews with some figures in the forefront of Ireland’s underground scene at the moment, with features from Kean Kavanagh of Softboy Records, Craig Connolly of The Building Society and District/Four Four magazine, Fac Magazine and more, not ignoring Dublin’s other prominent cultures by dipping into aspects of hip hop and beyond.

The photos will make you lust for Dublin’s clubs and culture but our downfalls are acknowledged and of importance to the project too. You’ll be sure to recognise a few heads in there that will make you proud.


Made by: Ciaran Harte, Sean Kelly, Zoe Keating, Corey McLaughlin & Liam Murphy



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