This excellent documentary exploring the ‘self appointed’ European capital of electronic music has been released for streaming. 

The documentary, named ‘The Sound of Berlin’ explores the roots and starting points of Berlin’s obsession with dance music, clubs and underground subcultures and more, starting with the re-emergence and rebirth of the city in the 90s following the demolition of the Berlin Wall and ending on modern day Berlin.

Countless films and documentaries have been inspired by Berlin and it’s scene, but this documentary offers a comprehensive overview of how it came to be, how it is now and more with appearances from some of Berlin’s mainstay DJs, producers, promoters, club founders and more.

The documentary takes you on a journey of some of Berlin’s essential and legendary dancing spots, including Tresor and Berghain, and as you can guess, the soundtrack is pretty cool – and even better, you can stream it easily on YouTube.

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