Cabal co-founder Sloucho is here with a post-dubstep-inspired single ‘Hold It Down’. The single comes equipped with a video that is inspired by the idea that ‘to desire is to suffer.’

Sloucho has been a staple in Limerick’s dance music scene for many years, but the young creative looks away from promoting and turns his head to his new alias Sloucho, as he releases his debut single. ‘Hold It Down’ is spawned from the embers of the genre-blurring, post-dubstep path led by labels such as Hessle Audio and AD 93.

The track seem’s somewhat representative of what Sloucho has been striving for in his Cabal parties; dynamic, genre bending, futuristic, and a keen eye for a visual approach to contemporary sounds.

The video for the single is inspired by the idea that ‘to desire is to suffer.’ The artist explains:

“We  follow an unnamed soul on their journey to accepting their fate. Their heart, which represents their desires, is externalised in a cinder block  which they are attached to. They are faced with a series of challenges, the first of two they fail and are sent to die by a rising tide.

We come to understand that each time they untether themselves from their fate they are punished. On the third challenge they finally accept that if they escape they will only end up back where they started, forever in this loop. So they accept their fate and drown themselves, for which they are rewarded with resurrection.”

Long story short, the message is that sometimes life presents you with challenges which you cannot run from no matter what the consequences are, in this case in order to live you must be prepared to die.”

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