Sweely, from Nice in the south of France, has taken the spotlight the past year with a raw and unique take on House. A skateboarder, drummer, and pianist; Sweely’s got a far reaching pool of inspiration form which to create and innovate in his productions. Sweely’s Soundcloud is absolutely jam-packed with some amazing productions, ranging from heavy raw hitting house, touching on some more mellow and deeper cuts.

Stepping away from productions, Sweely doesn’t play DJ sets instead opting to perform thumping and relentless live sets. With his home studio being the forefront of the live set, he’s already capturing a vibe similar to the German trio FJAAK.

In an interview, he was asked: “what would be a normal day for you?” Sweely replied, “I would go home make music and make more music again, it’s all I do, I don’t watch Tv or anything”. It’s evident that he’s got a passion for anything musically influenced. With the attitude he has towards his music, it’s clear he’s doing it for the right reasons and for that we can see him going very far in his career.

For anyone who likes the sound of this man, he’s playing in Dublin tonight at Hangar!

Click here for more info on this event.

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