The Gathering 2017, set to take place from 22nd to 24th of September in Breda, Netherlands was announced earlier this year as the world’s largest techno festival. It’s thought that an expected 100,000 people would attend.

The organisers, sub:Merged announced that the lineup would be a “mix of the godfathers of techno, headliners of today and stars of tomorrow.” The festival had already run into problems resulting in a date-change which doubted some potential ticket-buyers but with them recently making a public announcement that one of the originators of the Loveparade, Dr. Motte, had joined their team, things began to look up.

They’ve now released the first 50 names of their lineup and you can check them out below.

  • Alisha Lawler
  • Amber
  • Andreas Kraemer
  • Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N.
  • Atroxx
  • Balthazar & JackRock
  • Boris
  • Christian Smith
  • Daniel Miller
  • Dr. Motte
  • D-Unity
  • D-Deck
  • Glenn Wilson
  • Gemma Furbank
  • Go!Diva
  • Housemeister
  • Jason Fernandes
  • Jewel Kid
  • John Acquaviva
  • Joop Junior
  • Jon Connor
  • Justin James
  • Kevin Arnemann
  • Lenny
  • Lisa Lashes
  • Lisa Oakes
  • Mark Reeve
  • Many Reasons
  • Mark EG
  • Manic Brothers
  • Medhat & Dekkstrum
  • Mike Väth
  • Microvibes
  • Michaela Reilly
  • NHB / Ninna V
  • Noemi Black
  • Oriel Mccombe
  • Ramon Tapia
  • Reinier Zonneveld
  • Roger Martinez
  • Rob Hes
  • Secret Cinema
  • The Anxious Live
  • The Yellowheads
  • Silicone Soul
  • SQL
  • Stefano Noferini
  • Sterling Moss
  • Stiv Hey
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