I grew up in a house surrounded by electronic music, due to my parents going to the early 1990s raves in Dublin. Sides DC, the Olympic Ballroom and the Temple all come to mind whenever I ask about the early rave days in Dublin. Over time, and as I came to age, I started DJing in clubs like the Twister Pepper and Hangar, but I can’t help but think I missed out on the ‘good’ days of raving including those years just before I was legal, when Tripod and Kennedys where in full flow. Even though we are spoilt for choice at the moment in Dublin with massive names playing every weekend across the cities venues, when I look back at old videos of gigs, I wish I was there.

Unfortunately though, some artists fees aren’t even considerable for promoters to book them for an 800 capacity (or smaller) venue. This has led to many big names not returning or when they do, they play on a much bigger scale, like a festival. So I decided to take a look at club gigs that happened over the years in Dublin that wouldn’t even be imaginable these days. If you were lucky enough to be at any of these, I am truly jealous. Take a look below.

Ben Klock & Carl Craig – The Twisted Pepper – November 2008

This gig was absolutely slated by RA back in 2008. They also said the iconic Twisted Pepper ‘suffered from a lack of organisation‘. The sheer thought of a gig like this taking place in an intimate venue like the Pepper was, would make people water at the mouth. A Berghain resident in one room and Detroit techno legend in the other. Good lord.

Sven Vath & Richie Hawtin – Tripod – April 2007

Sorry about the poor image but this is an actual photo of Sven on the night of this gig. No explanations needed. Two of the worlds biggest DJs on the same night in a city centre venue. These days you probably wouldn’t even get both of them on the same festival line-up in Ireland. The gig was so good, the only complaint was that their set times weren’t long enough.

Kink – Kennedys – December 2012

We all know who Kink is and how much of a musical mastermind he is. He does still play Dublin often, including Forbidden Fruit Festival this year, but could you imagine him playing to an intimate crowd in Kennedys! By the way, Kennedys could only hold around 250 people…

Disclosure – Crawdaddy/POD – Febraury 2012

Arguably one of the biggest acts in electronic music over the past three years due to their massive success in the UK and American charts, Disclosure sold out Royal Hospital Kilmainham, which I’m guessing holds well over 15 thousand people. Little did anyone know in 2012 how big these brothers would become.

Carl Cox – POD – May 2009

A lot of club-goers these days would have only merely missed out on this legends last gig in Dublin. Now that he isn’t playing as frequently as he used too scares us even more. I wish I could find some more information about his previous gigs here in the 1990s, including the one my da was at. I think it’s safe to say if we ever see Coxy in Ireland again, it will more than likely be a festival rather than a club. Sad times.

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