We compiled a list of the acts you can’t miss out on at this years Nova Batida festival in Lisbon.

Amongst the Yoga, Surfing, Education and talks, Nova Batida has an unbelievable lineup with an extensive variety for anyone attending. Have a look through our acts not to miss below.


A long time favourite in many electronic music fans, Fourtet has gone beyond the limits of electronic music production with his unusual sampling and unique shows with unforgettable productions including the famous area filled lighting that has set his shows apart from others. He headlines the festival for what is to a very memorable show.


Amazing selector and producer, Midland brings one his energetic sets to the Lisbon based festival. Never failing to impress, the UK artist recently announced the completion of his “first record in 3 years“, leaving fans with a lot to be excited about. The versatile artist is definitely not one to miss.

DJ Seinfeld

Swedish artist, DJ Seinfeld has been making waves ever since his origins in the popular Lo-Fi house genre. His transition and unique take on the genre quickly made his name known. Progressing naturally into a blend of electro and house, the admired artist has recently started his own imprint which has been received very positively from various outlets.

Special Request

Long time legend Paul Woolford’s alias Special Request has made an incredible impact on the electronic music scene overall creating some of the most distinguished tracks of this era. His new venture down the path of the break beat genre has reignited fans love for his ever expansive music catalog.


The meteoric rise from the city of Galway has seen KETTAMA sell out venues all over Ireland and the UK. His unique hard hitting house mixed with clever samples from 90s era rap set him off as one of Ireland’s next biggest stars. Refining his sound and becoming the prominent figure he now is today, KETTAMA is now a force to be reckoned with and his set at Nova Batida will prove that for sure. Don’t take your eyes off this man.

Ross From Friends (Live)

Live performances don’t come much better than one from Ross From Friends. His most recent “Family Portrait” album was praised by many with unique productions and styles throughout make it a standout release in the relativity recent rise to stardom. Head man Felix Clary Weatherall will be joined by Jon Dunk and Jed Hampson as they fill their normal positions on sax, keys and electric guitar. Be sure to not miss this one.

Awesome Tapes From Africa

The owner behind Awesome Tapes from Africa takes to the stage at Nova Batida this year to bring the authentic and wholesome mission the label aims to achieve. The idea behind the label came from American, Brian Shimkovitz who was completing a scholarship in Ghana when he discovered the cassette tape culture in the local area. Since then he has built one of the most unique label ideas in recent times. Be sure to catch his cassette tape set.

Daniel Avery 

Establishing himself after his explosive rise in the electronic circuit, Daniel Avery has refined his sound to bring his original take on techno. His sets often bring an energetic feeling to them along with a fresh selection of tunes fit for any environment. Make sure to catch Daniel as he plays twice at Nova this year, with a regular set and a Boat Party set with KETTAMA.


Electro talent, Violet comes to Nova Batida this year after a thriving 12 months with shows all around Europe at the most prestigious clubs and festivals. Her rave inspired sets make for interesting listens providing an extensive knowledge of electro and rave styled tracks. Be sure to check this budding talent.

Dan Shake

Producing continuous fresh tracks with a mix of disco and acid to make dance floor fillers are complemented with his high energy sets that feature some rarities and classics along with his very own productions that fit perfectly into any mix. An eclectic selection of music is always guaranteed with Dan Shake.


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