We all know that feeling of flicking on your favourite Essential Mix, hearing Pete Tong’s intro and knowing you have the next 1-2 hours of music sorted.

Today we look at the 10 of the best old-school Essential Mixes ever recorded. Will this list upset a few people and create a ‘who should have been on the list’ argument? We hope so.

Carl Cox – 1994.

The man himself takes us to Italy on his world tour during his Essential Mix residency. Listen to two hours of hard tribal techno grooves.

Jeff Mills – 1998

Jeff Mills is welcomed back for his second Essential Mix which turned out to be our favourite.

Daft Punk – 1997

The legendary duo bring their French filtered touch to the Essential Mix with that Chicago groove.

C.J. Bolland – 1994

Belgian techno legend C.J. Bolland takes us on a journey through some classic hard techno.

Tony De Vit – 1995

‘Less chat, more tunes’ the king of Hard House Tony De Vit provides one of the bets hard house mixes ever.

John Digweed – 1994

Digweed’s debut Essential Mix is a beautiful example of proper Prog-House.

Goldie – 1996

The founder of Metalheadz Goldie made his debut on Essential Mix in 1996 providing two hours of real drum n bass.

 Dave Angel – 1994

You can’t have a top old-school Essential Mix without including the Chelsea born techno mainstay, Dave Angel.

Carl Craig – 1995

Detroit techno legend Carl Craig perfectly conveys how Detroit sounded in the 90s.

Tall Paul – 1995

One of the leading pioneers of Nu-NRG house music and one of the original super-star DJs, this is easily one of our favourites.

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