On International Women’s Day, we take the opportunity to highlight some of our favourite female DJs from the Isle of Ireland. From fearless new talents, to pillars of the Irish dance music scene, we showcase an array of female-identifying talent that you simply need to check out.

This International Women’s Day we celebrate some of Ireland’s most proficient female-identifying DJs, as we cover DJs both new & old within Ireland’s club scene. We shed a light on some selectors that you may not be acquainted with or need to refamiliarise yourself with.


One of the many accomplished graduates from the DJ Techniques & Music Production course at the Bray Institute of Further Technology, Aoise boasts a deep knowledge of hypnotic techno and proficient skills behind a set of turntables. With a handful of gigs prior to the pandemic, Aoise rise through Dublin’s club scene came in post-lockdown, as she made appearances for some of Dublin’s most established parties including Research, Techno & Cans, Subject, Cellar & more.


DDR resident Eliza is one of the countries most experienced selectors within the fields of squelching electro & techno grooves. Having shared the stage with a host of coveted selectors including Blawan, Skee Mask, Radioactive Man, Volvox & more, Eliza has mastered the art of bringing the dancefloor to a simmering boil prior to the headliners’ arrival. Eliza’s sheer devotion to exploring the depths of Drexciyan style electro & Detroit techno has amounted to an extensive collection that rivals some of Europe’s most lauded DJs.


Fiveseven is best known for her fine-tuned rolling techno selections that command a sense of rhythmic euphoria. A contributor and permanent DJ at Grace Club gigs, Fiveseven’s music is profoundly influenced by the queer community’s lust for groove. Her music is built on throbbing, mesmerising melodies and rhythmic sequences that are unrelenting but bouncy and ravey. With one ear focussed on Berlin’s love for endless loops and the other grasping Birmingham’s adoration for slamming funk, Fiveseven’s taste is a cocktail of dancefloor focussed hypnotica.


Dublin-based selector Ayolxi first made her name known within the capital’s club scene last year. Holding onto a broad-ranging style that varies from kaleidoscopic breaks to groove-laced techno Ayolxi is a powerful force that is capable of switching a dancefloors vibe with ease. Her sound promises a rolling rhythmic energy that has seen her play alongside Slin, Shlomo, 999999999‘s, and Charlie Sparks.


Currently residing in Australia, Medb‘s extensive knowledge of blistering drum breaks and stomach-heaving bass womps is staggering. While in Ireland, she was a member of the DJ crew Very Bad Mothers, who made their name by spinning the finest in breaks, dubstep, and bass music. A collection of mixes on DDR, Skylab Radio & Four Four Magazine shows the Cork natives’ eclectic and varied range in sub-bass leaning music.


Belfast-born, Berlin-based selector AOIFE has had a whirl-winded last few months as a DJ. Living in Berlin has brought on countless opportunities for the Irish selector, frequently playing across the cities most sought-after dancefloors including Suicide Club, Tresor, Club Ost, Anomalie, and more. With a rich versatile aptitude for warehouse-style techno, AOIFE joins THE Percussive Agency to develop and evolve her sound further in the home of techno.


One of Dublin’s most exciting selectors Derv is also at the helm of two of Dublin’s most refreshing club nights, Salvaged & Hidden Love. The newcomer has quickly found her sound within the world of ghetto house, electro-funk & trance, this focused yet varied sound has helped her become one of Dublins’ most in-demand DJs. Support slots for Partiboi69, X Club, X-Coast, DJ Slugo, as well as consistently featuring on lineups for Slither, Human Error, Reboot & more make her a promising act to keep an eye on. Derv brings something fresh to Dublin’s club scene.

Nat Mac

Outlawd boss Nat Mac sound is steeped in influence from her time growing up in Essex, having attended some of the biggest drum & bass and garage raves in the UK during the genre’s peak. Running the Electronic Music Council, Outlawd & Underground Ovation the UK-born DJ, promoter and activist has become a key cog in Corks dance music scene. While living in The Rebel county, Natmac has been devoted to bringing her beloved UK sound to the club scene, hosting bass-heavy nights in venues across the city.


MEDA is a Lithuanian techno DJ that draws inspiration from old-school rhythms and tempos. Her unique approach and expertise in powerful rhythms create a lively environment on the dance floor. MEDA focuses on the rougher and tougher elements of techno, drawing inspiration from artists like Eric Sneo, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, and others. With appearances at Index, So Below, Cellar, and more, MEDA has been showcasing her rough-edged sound across Dublin City as of late.


Moving between London & Dublin Katie Tynan has caught the attention of ravers, DJs, and promoters across both sides of the pond, with her unapologetic mix of ghetto-influenced sounds. Tynan’s mixing style might be defined as raw and quick which has gained her sets across multiple Dublin venues as well as a set at the acclaimed Hör Berlin. Her monthly show on DDR showcases her broader sound & allows her to invite guest DJs.

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