Today marks ‘3-03’ or as some like to call it, 303 day. This is based on Roland’s iconic TB-303. A bass synthesizer with a built-in sequencer that is responsible for some of the greatest electronic tracks of all time.

The hardware was over driven by some ‘Chicago House’ pioneers, thus creating the influential ‘acid’ sound in the late 1980s and early 1990s. As time went on, the machine was also extremely distorted and processed to make a rougher sound. It’s fair to say the piece of hardware was a key factor in the rise in electronic music, ranging from genres house to techno.

We took into factor that the 303 featured in many genres, so we picked out our favourite tracks from the iconic machine to celebrate 303 Day. Check them out below.

10. Ten City – That’s The Way Love Is (Acieed Mix)

9. Emmanuel Top – Tone

8. Armando – Land Of Confusion (Confusion Mix)

7. Josh Wink – Higher State of Consciousness

6. DJ Pierre – Box Energy

5. F.U.S.E – Substance Abuse

4. Pierre’s Fantasy Club – Dream Girl

3. Hardfloor – Acperience 1

2. LFO – LFO

1. Phuture – Acid Tracks

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