The weather has never been and probably never will be better, so we decided to be a bit generous and give back to our readers by revealing what we’ve been listening to in terms of new releases this month.

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Now without further adieu, here’s what got us moving in May.

10. D. Carbone – Sonic is on Acid (Umwelt Remix) [CRBN]

We rarely get as excited about a kick drum-less tune like this, however Umwelt’s offering to the latest remix EP of Carbone’s Master System album is a work of acid magic. The encroaching sounds pick up as the track gathers a head of steam and instead of conjuring up images of the blue hedgehog, it feels as though you’re on the verge of fighting the final boss in DOOM.

9. Fio Fa – Sunday Pledge [Pear]

Dublin’s own Fio Fa delivered his debut EP on the label he co-founded along with Nevan Jio and the pair of tracks deliver with club built grooves and consistency. On top of that, seeing an Irish producer releasing vintage deep house rather than nu disco is always a plus and we can’t help but adore the artwork. Smiles all round.

8. DeFeKT – Dirty Diesel [Earwiggle]

Ireland’s premier electro act delivered us a stomping EP this month with this being the pick of the lot. After extensive collaboration with Sunil Sharpe for their debut Tinfoil album and the shows that then followed suit, it’s good to see DeFeKT is well capable of delivering quality solo material.

7. Setaoc Mass – Jenagan Sivakuma [SK_Eleven]

One of Manchester’s leading lights delivers with what has become a rather staple electro sound to round off a deep and well produced techno EP on his own SK_Eleven imprint. With so many producers trying their hand at the electro sound it’s great to see someone really getting it right.

6. Bambounou – Kosovo Hardcore [Disk]

One of France’s leading electronic lights released his first EP in three years this month and delivered with LP style thoughtfulness across all three tracks. The Frenchman has always been one to take some sounds in different directions and Kosovo Hardcore sees a range of different elements culminating into one, chaotically organised symphony.

5. Salary Boy – Tricks [Shadow City]

The Mall grab co-sign is quickly becoming as powerful as that of Drake’s in the hip hop world, and Salary Boy has definitely capitalised on the public support he has received from his fellow Aussie. Himself and Loods are making waves across the realms of house and this guitar infused house banger is exactly why.

4. Randomer – Shadow Harp [Dekmantel]

Despite being constantly labelled as one of the tougher techno producers out there thanks to some of his more commercially successful productions, Randomer has always nodded his head at more muted tones, with that being evident on all of his previous Dekmantel releases, including the latest one that continues to draw influence from all over.

3. Perc & Truss – Leather & Lace (Mumdance & Logos Remix) [Perc Trax]

Despite coming out with some of the more left of field productions over the past few years, UK duo and Different Circles label heads Mumdance and Logos provide one of the most in your face remixes of the year in their take on Perc & Truss’ Leather and Lace number and it really will blow you right out of your seat.

2. Leon Vynehall – Movements (Chapter III) [Ninja Tune]

Taken from Vynehall’s upcoming album, Movements followed the first track ‘Envelopes’, which dropped in early April, and both tracks are dipped in nostalgic melancholy, not only showcasing Vynehall’s effortless take on different genres, but also his masterful ability to capture emotions. This will be one of the biggest albums of the year.

1. Fever Ray – Musn’t Hurry (Tzusing Remix)

Ok, this one sneaks in as it came out with a day or two left in April, but it’s so good that we couldn’t just overlook it. We seen a four to the floor banger come in Paula Temple’s remix of Fever Ray earlier in April, but this toned down offering from L.I.E.S. artist Tzusing is the perfect moody touch up on the already unique Fever Ray track and really acts as a great crossover track between dance and electronic.


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