Today, Monday January 20th, has been named ‘Blue Monday’ which is the name given to the most depressing day of the year. It’s believed that the third Monday in January is the hardest day on peoples mental health.

We alway’s encourage people to look after themselves and their mental health, however we know that with current social and economic issues facing us all, that sometimes that’s easier said than done. January can be an even harder time than most, with post Christmas blues, the cold, dark and wet evenings and most people still dealing with the financial strain Christmas has put on them.

But we’ve decided to try look past all of that with the best way we know how to, good music. Music is an escape for many so we’ve decided to put together a list of 20 feel good tunes to cheer you up on ‘Blue Monday’ and put a spring in your step on this chilly afternoon. Some of the songs o this list have been taken from a thread in our private ‘FOUR FOUR’ Facebook group which was looking for suggestions on tunes to cheer you up.

1. We’re sorry, but we had to kick off the list with this.

2. You honestly can’t help but smile hearing this track. We also love the ‘Dimitri from stoke on trent – I wanna be your lobster’ edit even more.

3. Boots & Kats sunrise set at Life festival 2017. We don’t need to add anything else for this iconic tune.

4. A song that truly needs no introduction for the topic of this list.

5. Slam – This World is an uplifting anthem but the video of comedian Limmy pretending to perform it as a live set just makes the whole experience far more enjoyable.

6. CJ Bolland has some legendary tracks, but the intro from Camargue gives us the same burst of energy as our morning coffee.

7. This could potentially be the best tune ever for walking home after a night out as the sun rises, but it’s equally as good for a cold evening on the bus home as a ‘pick me up’. An office favourite for sure.

8. The tune that took over every bluetooth speaker during the summer of 2017 and still manages to put smiles on peoples faces.

9. Another tune that really doesn’t need much introduction.

10. A potentially surprising and different addition however this track has a surprisingly relaxing and mellow effect and is definitely a timeless track.

11. Released in 2006 , the whistle from this tune is definitely still stuck in people’s heads from the first time they ever heard this song.

12. Paul Kalkbrenner is known for his emotional and uplifting sets packed full of tracks like this one.

13. an upbeat but emotional tribal tune that we think it’s impossible to sit still while listening to.

14. Octave One’s house music anthem from 2000 definitely deserves it’s place on this list.

15. If you haven’t seen the video of Hunee playing this song you need to go check it out right now.

16. Fleetwood Mac have a discography full of uplifting classics that is definitely worth a dive when you’re not quite feeling yourself.

17. Commix played the Wigwam basement over the weekend and closed with this tune and it was a very, very special moment.

18. Stuck in the heart’s of may Irish since John Talabot played this in the Twisted Pepper before it’s closure. This is a beautiful, beautiful song.

19. Maybe a surprise addition to the list but an uplifting and energetic house anthem that can’t help but make you excited for summer and festival season.

20. Last but most definitely not least.

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