And just like that, it was 24 years over the weekend that UK hard house legend sadly passed away, back in 1998. Tony De Vit was responsible for a real revolution in clubbing around the UK.

It was his extraordinary mixing techniques and his ability to read the crowd like no other that took his extremely powerful new sounding techno out of the London gay scene and onto a wider platform. Head resident of after-hours club ‘Trade’, and with over 20 years experience, the late Tony De Vit is still very much considered a legend.

We chose 5 of our favourite tracks/remixes from the godfather of ‘Hard House’ below.

Age Of Love (Tony De Vit Remix) (1998)

This was one of the last records produced by TDV before his death in 1998. The track was never released in full. Some say this track gave him the inspiration to create the much-loved build up melody in his track ‘The Dawn’. The vinyl was penciled in for release on ‘React Records’ but was turned down. What a huge mistake.

Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care (1996)

Released in 1996 via ‘Jump Wax Records’ to huge success. As soon as you hear that dominant synth kick in, you can’t help but move to it.

Tony had a knowledge like no other on how to control a crowd and would generate reactions on the dance floor. ‘I Don’t Care’ is fierce, firey and in your face with its crunching bassline and the euphoric tone it creates.

Hooked (Tony De Vit Remix) (1995)

A track that never failed to rejuvenate a crowd during a hefty five hour set from the man himself. This track expresses a more funkier side to what was usually released from TDV back in the day. Released on ‘Labello Dance Records’ back in 1995 which featured on the full EP from 99th Floor Fillers, the TDV remix of ‘Hooked’ will go down as one of his most well known productions.

Tony De Vit – To The Limit (1995)

Released on ‘X:Plode Records’ with its sister track ‘Starlight’, we think ‘To The Limit’ is one of Tony’s finer projects. A track that is heavily influenced by heavy hitting techno. A packed Warehouse with everyone dressed in their finest ‘Clobber’ is painted when hearing this track. It reached number 44 in the UK Singles Chart.

Tony De Vit – The Dawn (1998) 

Easily his most iconic track in not only Hard House but electronic music. Tony De Vit’s ‘The Dawn’ was released in 1998 and featured on disc two of the Trade EP. Elements of trance, house and techno can all be found in this historic track that brings the listener on a mesmerising journey.

And finally, here’s a small bonus, one of our favourite Essential Mixes of all time, Tony De Vit back in January of 1995.

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